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Germany Halts Export of High-end Battle Simulator to Russia

Germany: German government on Wednesday halted the planned export of a high-end battle simulation facility to Russia amid the unfolding crisis on the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine.

German company Rheinmetall was to supply the Russian Army with the facility under a deal signed in 2011.

Siegmar Gabriel, Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, called a halt to the effort. A statement issued late Wednesday by the Federal Ministry said, “In the current situation the federal government considers the export of the combat training center to Russia not justifiable. The government is in contact with the company. At the moment no exports are planned. The company will inform the government in time if exports are to be made, so that the state can take the required steps if necessary in the light of further developments.”

Rheinmetall was not available for comment.

Under the contract, Rheinmetall was tasked with developing and supplying the live-combat simulation system as well as technical implementation of all aspects of the project, including commissioning and quality assurance.

Located in Mulino in the Volga region, the 500-square-kilometer simulation-supported training center — according to Rheinmetall the most advanced system of its kind worldwide — was supposed to begin operations in this year. It is designed to train a reinforced mechanised infantry or armoured brigade and would be able to train 30,000 troops a year.

Source: Defense News