Germany conducts GIS training in Nigeria

Germany conducts GIS training in Nigeria


Abuja, Nigeria: The German Government has spent 121 million Nigerian Naira to train the staff of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) and FCT Water Board on Geographic Information Systems (GIS).The training was undertaken by CUTEC, a German company.

According to FDCA’s Mass Housing Director Umar Jibril, “For the past 25 days, the CUTEC has been training our staff on waste management. We have trained several people from different organisations within Abuja. This is the fourth set of people and we believe, they are going to impact positively in making Abuja the city that all of us are yearning for. CUTEC will provide us with a soft ware that will enhance our work in the FCT administration”.

Michael Struve, Head of Solid Waste Management, Engineering and Consulting, CUTEC Institute, said that he was pleased by the performance of the participants. According to him, when they were about to come to Nigeria for the programme, some people told them that they will not find it easy as Nigerians were not conversant with the use of computers.

“We are highly impressed with the performance of the participants. They are able to plan, monitor and put in place things in the environment, transports and other areas through the use of GIS”, Struve said. He observed that Abuja was one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the use of GIS could help the government in maintaining the beauty of the city.

Source: Leadership Nigeria