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Germany and The Netherlands together to fight disasters

The Netherlands: A new cooperation between the Dutch Kadaster (cadastre) and the topographical services of Nordrhein-Westphalen (Germany) facilitates to detect and act upon disasters like nature fires and floods faster.

Until now, Germany used a different way of projection for maps compared to The Netherlands. This was confusing for emergency services. Now, sharing of geomatical knowledge has been improved using a webservice, combining data of Dutch and German areas in a common set of co-ordinates. Hence, map images of The Netherlands and Germany can be displayed in one view.

The German and Dutch organisations are the first in Europe to making this way of sharing possible. By knowing the area better and be able to view objects and obstacles, access routes can be established more accurately. Also risk areas like fuel stations, storage tanks and firework depots can be displayed. The service also creates opportunities to be more effective in spatial planning and water management, like planning industrial areas. Additional co-operation is requested with the Nationaal Geografisch Instituut België, to establish an alike information service.

Source: WaterLink International