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German forestry organisation implements ERDAS APOLLO

Norcross, Georgia (USA) — Public Enterprise Sachsenforst in Saxonia (State Forestry agency), Germany has selected ERDAS APOLLO to manage and deliver its massive amounts of vector and raster data to internal and external customers. GEOSYSTEMS, the distributor of ERDAS in Germany, is customising ERDAS APOLLO to meet Sachsenforst’s specific needs.

ERDAS APOLLO is a standards-based Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) solution that manages and serves massive amounts of geospatial data located and distributed across an organisation.

The GIS/cartography/cadastre department within the Public Enterprise Sachsenforst manages the geographic data, delivering data to each of the forest districts. The department required a data management solution with quick and flexible access to any desired data. In addition, the data needed to have the ability of being delivered as an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant Web service or on CD/DVD. The new system also needed to offer direct data consumption in ERDAS IMAGINE and other geospatial applications.

Recognising that ERDAS APOLLO was appropriate for the Public Enterprise Sachsenforst, GEOSYSTEMS customised this solution to meet Sachsenforst’s needs.