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GeoXH Handheld Receiver

Recently Trimble introduced the GeoXH handheld receiver, an integrated GPS field computer to deliver subfoot (30 cm) accuracy for GIS data collection and mapping. The GeoXH handheld is based on Trimble’s H-Star technology, first introduced in the GPS Pathfinder ProXH receiver earlier this year. An advance from previous solutions, the H-Star handhelds and receivers reduce the time it takes to collect high accuracy GPS data in the field. The GeoXH handheld is an all-in-one cable-free solution. A high accuracy GPS receiver inside a rugged handheld computer, the GeoXH is designed to deliver the subfoot (30 cm) accuracy required by electric and gas utilities, water/wastewater services, land reform projects and other applications where positioning is crucial. In recent years, these sectors have experienced increased requirements for subfoot (30 cm) accuracy that could only be addressed by long location occupation times or the use of survey grade systems that deliver a much higher accuracy than needed. Trimble H-Star technology utilizes advances in GPS receiver design and improvements in field and office software to achieve subfoot (30 cm) postprocessed accuracy in the GeoXH handheld. With the addition of an external Zephyr antenna, eight-inch (20 cm) postprocessed accuracy can be attained.