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GeoWrap: What’s Trimble Connected Mine Platform? And Boundless gets GEOINT services support contract and more

SITECH South to offer Microdrones UAV mapping solutions for construction

US: Microdrones has announced that they are partnering with the construction equipment and services provider SITECH South. SITECH South will now offer Microdrones mdMapper solutions – complete UAV packages with everything needed for surveying and mapping…(Read more)

Map of surface ecological marine units

US: In order to protect living marine resources from depletion, the USGS was given this task to form a public-private partnership with Esri, NOAA, academia, and non-profit organizations to produce the first ever detailed maps that group the entire global ocean into 37 distinct 3D ecosystems…(Read more)

Global markets dependent on BIM to reach at $7.64 billion by 2022

US: A new market research report forecasts the global construction market relying on Building Information Modeling (BIM) to grow from $3.56 billion in 2017 to $7.64 billion in 2022, for a compound annual growth rate of 16.51%…(Read more)

DJI, Qianxun join hands to use BeiDou’s services in drone industry

China: Drone manufacturer DJI in partnership with Qianxun Spatial Intelligence have announced a strategic partnership between the two companies to promote the application of the BeiDou navigation system in the drone industry(Read more)

NGA awards GEOINT services support contract to Boundless

US: Boundless has been awarded with a $36 million contract by the National Geospatial–Intelligence Agency (NGA). The new contract supports NGA GEOINT Services and purchases services required to package, deliver, maintain and patch accredited open source geospatial software packages…(Read more)


A startup that builds crop risk indices using geospatial data

Crop loss due to harsh climate change is the bitter reality of India And, a major reason for a Bengaluru-based startup—‘SatSure’SatSure provides an accurate risk assessment of crop yield by integrating climatic variables with geospatial and economic datasets…(Read more)


What are the geospatial needs of a Self-Driving Vehicle?

In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Andreas Gerster Vice President BIM/CIM and Product Design of FARO, Germany talks about geospatial needs of Self-Driving Vehicles…(Read more)

What is Trimble Connected Mine Platform?

In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Nathan Pugh, Business Area Director, Mining Solutions of Trimble Navigation explains Trimble Connected Mine platform…(Read more)


Geospatial Webinar: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Geospatial – 101

geospatial webinar artificial intelligence deep learning nvidia

There is a sudden buzz of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning taking control over human intelligence. For some of you these words are still unknown, and for some the impact is unknown. And for the geospatial community, understanding how and where AI will take over is yet to be clearly known…(Read more)

Which country has higher user adoption of geospatial?

User Adoption of Geospatial

User adoption is tricky. Users adopt any product or technology only if it is relevant to them and meets their specific need. Users adopt geospatial mostly because geospatial data adds value to businesses quickening the decision-making process. When users adopt geospatial as a part of their workflow management, they enrich a country’s technology, economic and cultural growth(Read more)

Nine geospatial technology trends that could define 2017

We are on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution. That was the big buzz at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016. Now before we get into what the fourth industrial revolution entails, let’s quickly take a look at the first three…(Read more)