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GeoWrap: UK BIM Alliance looks at standardizing product data; OGC announces EO exploitation platform and more

UK BIM Alliance looks at standardizing product data

UK: The UK BIM Alliance has launched a working group to help support construction product data to meet the challenges of product data use and management. The decision will encourage the industry to come together and will make the process of sharing product data more simple and standardized. The announcement comes after Su Butcher, social strategist and UK BIM Alliance executive team member, and Alliance chair Anne Kemp, held a meeting with key stakeholders at the IET in London…(Read More)

OGC announces Earth Observation exploitation platform Hackathon 2018

UK: The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is calling for participation in its upcoming Earth Observation Exploitation Platform Hackathon 2018. The Hackathon builds on results from the recently concluded OGC Testbed-13 initiative, and paves the way for Tested-14 and subsequent initiatives in the context of standards based deployment and execution of applications in cloud environments. The goal of the Hackathon is to demonstrate that the Testbed-13 results, described in the Engineering Reports…(Read More)

Location data startup secures $17.5 million in Series B funding

US: Location data startup from Norway, Unacast, announced a $17.5 million Series B funding to fuel business expansion. The funding led by White Star Capital, with European telco Telia joining as a strategic investor. Existing investors Open Ocean Capital and the Norwegian government-backed investment company, Investinor, both also participated. Headquartered in New York, Unacast has 25+ US clients who are using its location data platform for targeted marketing, or mapping the city’s footfall…(Read More)

Bentley OpenUtilities expands district energy solution and support for European standards

US: Bentley Systems announces new capabilities for OpenUtilities for owners and operators of utility infrastructure. These capabilities will better support global utilities seeking to incorporate renewable energy sources and provide new opportunities for deployment as a cloud service. The incorporation of sisNET capabilities builds on Bentley’s leading OpenUtilities solution, which provides utility-specific geospatial network management integrated with Bentley’s mapping and engineering…(Read More)

Microsoft and Ordnance Survey join forces to teach machines how to identify types of roofs

UK: A week-long machine learning hack took place at Ordnance Survey (OS) Head Office to train machines to classify roof types contained within the national mapping agency’s aerial imagery. The hack, featuring software engineers from Microsoft who had travelled from across Europe and Africa to work with OS’s machine learning team, used the city of Hull as a testbed. The trained machine model finished the week by correctly identifying 87% of the roof types it was shown. In its training, the model was shown…(Read More)

Vinka selects TomTom for predictive traffic data and fleet optimization

The Netherlands: TomTom has been chosen to power the Vinka fleet optimization platform. TomTom will supply Vinka with map and predictive traffic data, along with its Online Maps API for Europe and North America. The Vinka platform takes fleet automatization to the next level by bringing automatic ride sharing and route optimization into the core of its operations. Vinka will leverage the scope and accuracy of TomTom data by capitalizing on location-aware traffic views to help optimize routes…(Read More)

Airbus-built Aeolus passes all tests in Liège, arrives for final checks in Toulouse

 France: Aeolus, the European Space Agency’s wind-sensing satellite, has left Liège in Belgium having successfully completed an extensive thermal and functional performance test campaign under in-orbit conditions. It will now undergo final checks at InteSpace test center in Toulouse, France, before being shipped to French Guiana in the summer ready for launch on a Vega launcher. The 1.4-tonne spacecraft, primed by Airbus, features the LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) instrument called Aladin…(Read More)

Helix Technologies to develop multi-frequency GNSS antenna for Galileo

US: Helix Technologies has been awarded a significant contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop its NEXTGEN GNSS antenna, a next-generation, multi-frequency GNSS antenna optimized for the advanced Galileo E1 Alt-BOC and wide-band E5 Alt-BOC waveforms for use in driverless cars. The antenna, to be developed under the ESA’s Navigation Innovation and Support Programme (NAVISP), will provide enhanced performance due to its dielectric, multi-filar construction. It will also be optimized…(Read More)


Surveying soil from the sky: Can satellites predict droughts and floods?

At any one time, over two thousand human-made satellites are circling our planet. They help us communicate, locate, observe, and gather data. As agricultural scientists try to predict crop conditions in these climate-complex times, they are increasingly turning to “remote sensing” – gathering information from a distance. In particular, satellites have been used to measure soil moisture in order to predict and prepare for flood, droughts and other risks. But hydrologists can be hesitant to accept remote sensing…(Read More)


How Steve Berglund transformed Trimble

How Steve Berglund transformed Trimble

Steven W. Berglund has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Trimble Inc. since March 1999. Leading from the front for two decades in the making of Trimble, Mr. Berglund has transformed the company from a GNSS, surveying hardware company, to a leading geospatial solutions company today. A visionary leader, Mr. Berglund has diverse industry experience, including engineering, manufacturing, finance and global operations. And he put them to perfect use in building…( See Here)

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TruPoint 300 Total Station


The TruPoint 300 Total Station is all-in-one measurement solution for survey grade accuracy every time. Pick it up and go anywhere as its Small, lightweight and compact size will give you all ease. It is even more than which you cannot even think of. So no need to carry multiple, heavy tools anymore…(See Here)