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GeoWrap: Uber self-driving car lawsuit weakens; Drone footage shows Japan floods and more

Dubai’s RTA to test traffic signals that communicate with autonomous vehicles

UAE: Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is planning to test vehicle-to-infrastructure technology by next year where by traffic signals and autonomous cars will be able to communicate with each other, a senior government official has revealed…(Read more)

TomTom Telematics flows commercial driving data to Verisk Data Exchange

US: Property/casualty insurance risk information provider, Verisk Insurance Solutions, has announced an alliance with TomTom Telematics. The alliance will allow the fleet owners to choose the flow driving data collected by the TomTom Telematics Service Platform with WEBFLEET,…(Read more)

Uber’s self-driving car lawsuit weakens; Waymo drops most patent claims

US: The much hyped lawsuit between Uber and Waymo is said to have been dropped by the self-driving technology arm of Google’s parent, Alphabet. According to Tech Crunch’s Friday report, Waymo made its case feeble by dropping three out of four patent claims it originally made against Uber…(Read more)

Drone footage reveals extent of flood damage in northern Kyushu

drone footage shows devastationJapan: Drones of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan took videos of the extensive damage in northern Kyushu caused by days of torrential rain. Drone footage of the devastation in northern Kyushu caused by torrential rain shows flooded rivers,…(Read more)

Esri UC to kick off; geospatial technology products, business solutions on display

US: The Esri User Conference will kick start in San Diego Convention Center on Monday. The 5-day event will host a variety of geospatial industry players and business leaders. An exhibition hall has already been put in place to showcase all the latest technology products, business solutions from geospatial companies…(Read more)

Self-driving Vehicles and Geoinformation report released

New Delhi: Geonovum, the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) executive committee of The Netherlands and Geospatial Media and Communications have come up with a comprehensive report titled ‘Self-Driving Vehicles (SDVs) and Geo-information’…(Read more)


Enjoying discounted rates on Ola share, Uber pool? Wait, services may be banned in Delhi

Uber pool Ola shareTraveling in Uber and Ola is soon going to pinch your pockets again as the Delhi government, based on City Taxi Scheme, 2017, may ban shared rides provided by cab aggregators in the Indian state Delhi. This means no more discounted rates on shared rides…(Read more)


Drone footage shows the devastation caused by floods in Japan

drone footage shows devastationDrone footage shows the devastation caused by floods. Footage shows the devastation caused in Kyushu, Japan. The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan uploaded the videos and images on its website on July 8. The agency’s team hopes the videos…(Read more)