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GeoWrap: Trimble reports 9% growth in Q2; US imposes sanctions on Russia and more

Trimble reports 9% growth in second quarter results

Trimble Q2 resultsUS: Trimble second quarter results announced on Thursday. In the second quarter, the company reported a growth of USD 661.9 million, a 9% growth in this quarter as compared to second quarter of 2016. Buildings and Infrastructure revenue was reported USD 222.7 million…(Read more)

Researchers develop AI wealth analyzing tool that uses satellite imagery

AI software for wealth analyzingUS: Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has developed Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) wealth analyzing tool that can predict the median household income of neighborhoods in the New York City and St. Louis areas by providing census data and satellite imagery…(Read more)

Gryphon Sensors develops one-of-a-kind drone tracking system

US: A Central New York-based SRC Inc. subsidiary, Gryphon Sensors, has developed a state-of-the-art mobile Unmanned Traffic Management system that will in developing the emerging Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry…(Read more)

Nigeria’s postal service adopts what3words to improve delivery services

NIPOST adopts what3wordsAfrica: Nigeria’s postal service, NIPOST, has just announced its adoption of the innovative global addressing system what3words. Nigeria is the seventh country to adopt what3words, and the third in Africa. The system is already being used for mail deliveries in Mongolia…(Read more)

UK space companies to develop international partnerships

UK: The UK Space Agency is working with research institutions, industry and non-profit organizations to develop strong international partnerships to help tackle economic, societal and environmental issues using satellite technology…(Read more)


US sanctions on Russia: Politics threatens to spill into space

Now that President Donald Trump signed into law a set of new sanctions against Russia on Wednesday, and Moscow retaliated by ordering America to cut its diplomatic and technical staffs, the space community is worried that it could have repercussions on the bilateral ties…(Read more)