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GeoWrap: TomTom announces EV charging maps; newly launched iPhones have AR features and more

Teledyne Optech presenting CZMIL’s work for The Ocean Cleanup

US: Teledyne Optech has announced that Chief Scientist Dr. Viktor Feygels will attend the Oceans 17 MTS/IEEE in Anchorage, Alaska on September 18-21 to present results from Optech CZMIL Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging LiDAR’s survey of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a large concentration of plastic debris covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometers in the north Pacific. Dr. Feygel’s presentation, co-written with members of Teledyne Optech’s Marine group and in…(Read more)

AND collaborates with Continental to redefine map making, change mapping industry

The Netherlnds: Mapmaker AND announces collaboration with automotive supplier Continental, to improve map and location data collected by sensors from vehicles. During the IAA Cars 2017, AND, and Continental will present how their Map Fusion and eHorizon Map Service leverage the complementary know-how and assets of each other to improve and enrich AND’s maps in order to add value to automotive and other sectors. Hugo van der Linde, CEO, AND said, “We are very excited…(Read more)

Delhi Metro, Google Maps join hands to improve connectivity

India: In a bid to make Metro commute easier, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has set up a collaboration with Google Maps. Through this partnership, Metro routes, fares, platform details and connectivity will be shared on mobile phones with Google Maps. Explaining how it works, the DMRC said, “After the user searches for information to reach from place A to B on Google Maps, the result will show the possible route and driving directions for the commuter.” “The user will…(Read more)

Airbus to reshape earth observation market with Pleiades Neo constellation

France: The production of Airbus’ four new very high-resolution satellites, which together will form the Pleiades Neo constellation, is well on schedule for launch in 2020. They will be joining Airbus’ constellation of optical and radar satellites and will offer enhanced performance and direct access to the data relay on communication system, known as SpaceDataHighway. This first batch of four optical and very agile satellites will double the number of visits per day anywhere on Earth…(Read more)

TomTom announces EV charging maps in Europe and North America

Netherlands: To help drivers locate for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, TomTom Navigation is introducing a live service. At the Frankfurt auto show on Tuesday, the company unveiled its TomTom EV Service, which will inform electric car drivers about the availability of vehicle recharging points.The information will include opening hours, payment methods and plug types and are updated continuously throughout a driver’s journey, it said. The TomTom EV service…(Read more)



You heard it right, newly launched iPhones have Augmented Reality features

Finally, after a long wait, Apple’s latest iPhones 8 and X are now out of the box, not to mention being a talk of the town and breaking headlines all over. There are much-updated features in these latest versions. But, one that is tickling the technology world is the augmented reality feature in it. Yes, you heard it right. The mobile giant is now making AR accessible to masses (or classes? As it’s way too expensive). The idea is to allow users to interact with a real-world environment…(Read more)

Mapping wheelchair accessibility: A noble mission by Google Maps

When 19-year-old Belinda Bradley started a petition on Change.org urging Google to add wheelchair-friendly routes to their Maps app, little did she know that the campaign would turn into such a huge viral movement. A year later, Google is leveraging the Maps application to make it more useful for people with mobility challenges. Today, Google Maps already indicates if a location is wheelchair accessible or not. But its latest campaign will crowdsource data from its 30 million…(Read more)


Policy Watch- Explore all that the August Edition has to offer

Highlights of this month’s Policy Watch. US introduces new legislation to prevent duplication of Geospatial data. The move is aimed to prevent duplicative data purchases by federal agencies and modernize the collection of data. US sanction Russia to severely affect space ties even though Bill steers clear of NASA activities. Know how. India is all set to have a new set of Drone regulations. What impact will it have on the drone industry in India? Malaysia is all set to have a national…(See here)