GeoWrap: State forest department in India to use GIS; OGC announces ESA...

GeoWrap: State forest department in India to use GIS; OGC announces ESA tender for Testbed 14 and more


State forest department in India to use GIS to prevent fires

India: To prevent forest fires during the January-March season in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, the forest department has announced to use GIS. With the geographical forest area extending to 1.60 lakh sq. km., 23.03% of the area in the State, the department is sparing no effort to preserve it and increase the green cover.The department has chalked out a detailed action plan considering the large part of the forest land is fire prone.We have initiated several strategies to combat forest fires…(Read More)

OGC announces ESA tender for Testbed 14 exploitation platforms

US: The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has invited interested organizations to respond to Part 2 of the OGC Testbed 14 Call for Participation. Part 2 is concerned with the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Exploitation Platforms, which is part of the Testbed 14 Earth Observations & Cloud (EOC) Thread. Due to specialized sponsor procurement requirements, the Testbed 14 solicitation is issued in two parts. Organizations selected to participate in Testbed 14 will develop prototype solutions…(Read More)

GIS company Mapzen to shut down but users can still avail open-source data

US: Mapzen, a mapping platform company renowned for its open-source, is shutting down. But for the admirers of the company, there is still a silver lining: as the data and code is available in open source and users will still be able to run the projects they built using Mapzen tools, as well as some of the company’s tools. Until February 1, when the company will shut down its APIs and support, users are free to grab all that they require. Count Michael Schnuerle, chief data officer of Louisville, is among…(Read More)

NAVIC to guide fishing boats in Indian state of Kerala

India: Fishing vessels sailing out in the sea from the coast of the south Indian state of Kerala will be fitted with satellite-based navigational equipment from this year. The Indian government is planning to promote the large-scale manufacture of satellite navigational equipment that can be supplied to fishermen as part of a project to ensure their safety in the sea. The collaborative project with ISRO involves the use of NAVIC, India’s regional satellite navigation system, to warn fishermen about adverse weather…(Read More)

GIS maps helping city in Florida managing workflows

US: In a bid to make people’s life easy, GIS Technician Jeff Warren created a GIS map of Jasper city, Florida, which is playing a big role in running the city in a better efficient manner. Be it property owners wanting to tie into the city’s sewer lines, or there’s a gas or water leak, or contaminant entering the stormwater system, with GIS system put in place, the city officials can now easily track and find the exact locations of the place that can solve your problem…(Read More)


Map of the world reorganized based on personality traits

Different countries in the world are known for different civilizational traits and peculiar habits or social and cultural norms that tend to crystallize into the stereotypes associated with them – viz some nationalities are known for being diligent and industrious, while others are characterized as those who cultivate a leisure activity, carefree attitude and relish the simple pleasures that life has to offer. Ever wondered if it could be identified that based on your temperament and disposition, in which country…(Read More)

First images of Sentinel-5P brings air pollution on focus

Sentinel 5p air pollutionLaunched last year in October, the first images of the ESA maneuvered Sentinel-5P were recently made public during a briefing at the DLR German Aerospace Center in December. The first Sentinel 5P air pollution images “offer a tantalizing glimpse” of what it has in store for us, according to Josef Aschbacher, ESA’s director of Earth observation programs. The sixth satellite in ESA’s Sentinel constellation, Sentinel-5P is designed to scan the Earth environment at a higher resolution…(Read More)