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GeoWrap: Seminar on Indian Space Program inaugurates; remote sensing to map plant diversity and more

Topcon explores industry practices and workflows at Autodesk University

US: At the Autodesk University Las Vegas 2017, Topcon Positioning Group presented an instructional session on “Adding Intelligence to Point Clouds for Near Real-Time Construction Management.” The three-day event focusing on the future of making things, witnessed 10,000+ professionals from the architecture, design, manufacturing, and media industries. The session featured a demonstration exploring how to best manage the flow of data immediately after…(Read more)

PrecisionHawk helps state, tribal governments to submit proposals for UAS Integration Pilot Program

US: Commercial drones and data company, PrecisionHawk has called upon the state, local and tribal governments to submit their proposals to the U.S. government’s UAS Integration Pilot Program by November 28th. Following a policy memorandum from President Trump, the U.S. Department of Transportation has launched the program to generate data that will ultimately inform the development of federal regulations for advanced drone operations—examples include flight…(Read more)

International seminar on Indian Space Program inaugurated in New Delhi

India: The international seminar on Indian Space Program was inaugurated at The Hotel Ashok, New Delhi, on November 20 at 9:30 hrs. The two-day seminar has been jointly organized by ISRO and FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry). It has eminent space technologists, dignitaries, diplomats and scientists from around the globe as participants and guests. The main focus of the seminar will be on emerging trends and opportunities in the Indian space industry…(Read more)

Supergeo partners with AERC to develop irrigation solution

US: Leading research institute in irrigation study, Agricultural Engineering Research Center (AERC) has collaborated with Supergeo to develop an irrigation solution based on SuperGIS software, announced Supergeo. The result of this collaboration is expected to be shared with and promoted to the Southeast Asian countries in November of 2017. Established in 1971, AERC is a professional research institute supported by Taiwan government. Working with the focus of promoting…(Read more)

University of Zurich uses aerial remote sensing technology to map plant diversity

Switzerland: A team of researchers from University of Zurich (UZH) has developed a unique method of aerial remote sensing and laser scanning technology to map plant diversity and ecosystem functioning. The system measures the changes in the forest canopy during the flight. It also includes the height of the trees and density of the branches. Until now, measuring and monitoring the diversity of forest ecosystems has been done from the ground, which is a slow and difficult process…(Read more)


What is Precision Agriculture? What is the meaning of Precision Farming?

Precision agriculture is a method in which farmers optimize inputs such as water and fertilizer, to enhance productivity, quality, and yield. The term also involves minimizing pests and disease through the spatially targeted application of precise amounts of pesticides. Precision farming is a farming management concept based on observing and responding to intra-field variations. It relies on new technologies like satellite imagery, GPS, information technology, and other geospatial tools…(See here)