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GeoWrap: Orbit GT to launch Feature Extraction; Bluesky UK Tree Map to help rebuild environment and more

Orbit GT to launch Feature Extraction product at Commercial UAV Expo 2017

US: Orbit GT is planning to launch its new 3DM Feature Extraction product at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, NV, USA. “With our new portfolio, we are reaching out to UAV Mapping professionals more than ever before”, says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “As version 18 bundles all the expertise and technology to support the various types of 3D mapping techniques, for sure mapping based on UAV’s has a strong support in our product line…(Read more)

A new standard improvizing the way information is referenced to the earth is announced by OGC

OGCUS: The aim of DGGS is to enable rapid assembly of spatial data without experiencing the difficulties of working with projected coordinate reference systems. The OGC DGGS Abstract Specification standard defines the conceptual model and a set of rules for building highly efficient architectures for spatial data storage, integration and analytics. Dr Stuart Minchin, Chief, Environmental Geoscience Division at Geoscience Australia, said “DGGS will provide the capability…(Read more)

Trump administration nominates AccuWeather CEO Barry Myers to head NOAA

NOAAUS: American President Donald Trump has proposed the name of Barry Myers as the next administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Myers, currently the chief executive officer of AccuWeather, would be the second non-scientist nominated to lead NOAA since the agency was established in 1970. AccuWeather, whose headquarter is in Pennsylvania, is the world’s largest weather media company and reaches up to 2 million people every day…(Read more)

Indian capital’s traffic police to use Google Map for traffic monitoring

India: To bring respite to Delhi’s traffic conditions, Google Maps will work with Delhi traffic police and monitor traffic situations on arterial roads. The cops will employ the traffic maps, which give real-time vehicular situations, determine the congestion on roads. If any stretch is seen to be badly affected, a screenshot of the map will be sent on a Whatsapp group to the traffic inspector, ACP and DCP concerned for corrective actions. The brass will be kept in the loop to ensure prompt response…(Read more)

Bluesky UK Tree Map assists Community Forest in rebuilding environment

UK: One of England’s pioneering Community Forest projects is using Bluesky’s National Tree Map for tracking progress and engaging with stakeholders and the local community. The largest environmental regeneration project in Bedfordshire, the Forest of Marston Vale (The Forest) is one of the 12 Community Forests designated in the 1990s. Designed to regenerate landscapes around towns and cities that have been marred by rapid industrialization, the forest was created…(Read more)


NASA-ISRO satellite to open a new chapter in Indo-US space partnership

NISAR, an acronym for NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar, the ambitious collaborative project between NASA and ISRO, is expected to be a milestone in the innovation of next generation satellites and open up a new chapter in Indo-US space partnership. The unique project, touted as the most expensive satellite so far, is set for launch around December 2020 and will spearhead a number of technological changes, ushering in a new age of earth monitoring satellites…(Read more)