GeoWrap: NASA selects three companies to develop ‘FabLab’prototypes; Esri India rolls out...

GeoWrap: NASA selects three companies to develop ‘FabLab’prototypes; Esri India rolls out ‘GeoInnovation’ and more


NASA selects three companies to develop ‘FabLab’ prototypes

US: NASA has taken the next step in the development of a space-based, on-demand fabrication capability by partnering with three U.S. companies, under NASA’s Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP) program. The selected companies are Interlog Corporation of Anaheim, California; Techshot of Greeneville, Indiana; and Tethers Unlimited of Bothell, Washington. The total funding for the awards is approximately $10.2 million. These companies will get 18 months…(Read More)

Esri India rolls out ‘GeoInnovation’ in collaboration with the Indian Ministry of Science

EsriIndia: Esri India has announced GeoInnovation – A Challenge for Startupreneurs, in partnership with Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science. GeoInnovation challenge is an exciting program for entrepreneurs who are building GIS technology-enabled start-ups. The aim of the challenge is to provide the start-ups with a platform to showcase their GIS-based business ideas and build a strong network of industry experts, investors and peer group. This is GIS industry’s first of its kind Public…(Read More) 

NASA, University of Maryland initiate program to enhance food security

US: To enhance food security and agriculture around the world, NASA has collaborated with the University of Maryland to lead a new multidisciplinary program called Earth Observations for Food Security and Agriculture Consortium (EOFSAC) that aims to enhance the use of satellite data in decision making related to food security and agriculture domestically and globally. The program will combine the expertise of more than 40 partners to advance the use of Earth observations in informing decisions that affect(Read More)

EarthServer exceeds 1 Petabyte spatio-temporal data processing through EO data service

US: EarthServer, the European Union Big Data initiative, has reached the next milestone: Today in the second phase extending through April 2018, the Italian data provider MEEO S.R.L. exceeds 1 Petabyte of spatio-temporal, analysis ready data processed through its operational Earth Observation Data Service. The intercontinental EarthServer initiative unites Europe, US, and Australia in the quest for scalable datacubes on 3D x/y/t satellite image time series and 4D x/y/z/t weather data, based on the European…(Read More)

ISRO to launch remote sensing satellite of Cartosat-2 series in January 2018

India: Indian space agency, ISRO will launch its latest remote sensing satellite of the Cartosat-2 series, along with 28 foreign satellites in the first week of January, according to a top ISRO official. Director of Thiruvananthapuram-based Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), K Sivan clarified that there will be no launch this month and that launch services, which halted after the unsuccessful launch of navigation satellite IRNSS-1H on August 31, will “resume in the first week of the new year”…(Read More)

Global aerial imaging market expected to grow to $3.2 Billion by 2023: Research and Markets Report

DronesUS: The Global Aerial Imaging Market size is expected to reach $3.2 billion by 2023, rising at a market growth of 13% CAGR during the forecast period. Aerial imaging helps in capturing images of the ground surfaces from an elevated place. Cameras mounted on various air vehicles including helicopters, airships, kites, balloons, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are used while working on clicking image of various places. Aerial imaging is widely used in different industry verticals such as civil engineering…(Read More)


Information mobility in construction is important, believes Aidan Mercer of Bentley System

Information mobility in construction is important believes Aidan Mercer of Bentley System


In an exclusive interview with the Geospatial world, Aiden Mercer, Industry marketing director of Bentley Systems explains the role of information mobility in the construction industry. Watch the full interview to know more…(See Here)


Steam engines to software – the farming revolution

Luciad Smart FarmingAround 40,000 years ago humankind in modern day Egypt and Israel made the first transition from nomadic hunting & gathering communities to agriculture and settlement. Farming techniques changed very little until about 1700 when an agriculture revolution took place leading to a large increase in the production of crops which came about because of the final destruction of medieval institutions and new techniques of production together with new crops such as corn and potatoes…(Read More)

Real-time updates, incorporation of Behavioral Sciences for modernization of weather updates

behavioral sciencesThe National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) feels that weather and emergency systems in the US are not up to the mark and needs to keep up with latest technological developments and disciplines like Behavioral Sciences. A recent report has called for the further increase in real-time reach of the weather updates to avert losses both in terms of human lives as we all as financial. Social media and multi-national corporations, including Facebook…(Read More)