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GeoWrap: Mapbox creates hazard map for Hurricane Harvey affected areas; AW3D vector building models and more

Hazard map now available for Hurricane Harvey affected areas

The map is developed using DigitalGlobe’s most recent satellite images paired with points of interest for superfund sites, refineries and other EPA toxic hazards in the greater Houston area. Mapbox created map will highlight the areas of highest concern to help Houston police…(Read more)

Blue Marble offers free copies of Global Mapper to organizations responding to Hurricane Harvey

US: Blue Marble Geographics is offering free licenses of Global Mapper to assist in the clean-up and recovery process in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Any agency or organization that is providing an essential service in response to this catastrophic storm can simply share their details…(Read more)

MAPPS member firms help in response and recovery activities against Hurricane Harvey

US: MAPPS has announced that several of its member firms are assisting with response and recovery activities in Texas and other locations affected by Hurricane Harvey, providing aerial imagery, surveying, mapping and other valuable data and services. “In all aspects of emergency management(Read more)

DigitalGlobe, NTT DATA sign agreement to create AW3D vector building models

US: DigitalGlobe and NTT DATA Corporation have signed an agreement to extend their strategic partnership to produce large-scale 3D vector building model datasets, called AW3D Metro. The partnership will combine NTT DATA’s elevation expertise with DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution…(Read more)

Russian scientists invent devices for geologist to ‘see through’ Earth’s atmosphere

Russia: Scientists from three major Russian research institutes have made an important breakthrough in the field of muon tomography, by creating tracking devices that will allow geologists to ‘see through’ objects up to thousands of meters in diameter below the earth’s surface…(Read more)

DHS launches open data site dedicated for Hurricane Harvey

US: The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has launched a dedicated website to provide Open Data in support of Hurricane Harvey. The platform was launched in association with Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data (HIFLD) Committee Chair and Federal GeoPlatform system…(Read more)

Xprize announces $7 million prize money for mapping of world’s oceans

US: Established in 1995, the Xprize Foundation, has announced the prize money for the Ocean Discovery Xprize competition. The prize money for the competition will be 7 million dollars. The global competition is aimed at developing new autonomous technologies for exploring and mapping…(Read more)


Mumbai Deluge 2.0 – Will we ever learn our lessons?

Corporate workers were stranded in their offices, locals were captive in their own houses, streetwalkers were forced to walk in waist-high water, and subways were shut, as a result of heavy rains in Mumbai last week. This event claimed at least 10 lives and brought the entire city to a standstill…(Read more)

You WILL go to the cloud… but it’s not as easy as you think

Whether for functional need, budgetary alignment, or due to top-down pressure, all companies will benefit by executing parts of their workflow in the public cloud at some level. For an organization with less than, say, 50 terabytes of data to manage, it’s easy to move everything there…(Read more)

How can we achieve more inclusive smart cities?

To create best-of-class livable and productive environment for its citizens and visitors, a smart city will have to evolve into an ‘intelligent city’. Estimates of the smart cities market vary widely. The one constant is a universal expectation of substantial growth. New cities will be built and…(Read more)