GeoWrap: Map explaining the story of chocolate; EARSC recognizes Planetek Italia and...

GeoWrap: Map explaining the story of chocolate; EARSC recognizes Planetek Italia and more


Quantum Spatial to showcase geospatial solutions at Esri UC

US: Quantum Spatial (QSI) will showcase its advanced analytics solutions at the Esri User Conference next week in San Diego. An Esri Gold Partner, QSI uses Esri’s products as an integral part of data processing and analytics in its application stack…(Read more)

GeoNovus elevates business, adds Microdrones UAVs to product portfolio

Canada: Geospatial equipment provider, GeoNovus will now offer unmanned aerial mapping packages to Microdrones to surveying, mapping, and construction companies in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. “Three weeks ago we hosted our summer event for surveyors…(Read more)

EARSC recognizes Waste from Space, Planetek Italia for work in EO

Belgium: At the EARSC competition, the UK-based Air and Space Evidence has been awarded with the “European EO product of the year” title for developing the Waste from Space concept. On the other hand Planetek Italia was presented with the EARSC Company Achievement Award…(Read more)

Mapping project reveals where transportation is barrier to employment

Canada: A mapping project developed by Workforce WindsorEssex has identified three areas that have high volumes of employment opportunities in Canada’s Ontario, but has lack of public transportation to bring people to fill those jobs…(Read more)

Aerial Oblique and streetlevel 3D data in ArcOnline at Esri UC

US: Orbit GT and Vexcel Imaging will be showcasing an integrated solution for Aerial Oblique and streetlevel Mobile Mapping data, operational within ArcOnline, at Esri IMF and UC, San Diego, July 8-13. “We’re pleased to announce that Vexcel Imaging and Orbit GT…(Read more)


Esri tells the story of chocolate on World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate DayMilk Chocolate, Dark chocolate, nutty nut chocolate, who in the world does not love chocolate!? Appealing to all gender, all age groups, and all races and termed often as a ‘delicious cure for a bad day’, chocolate is the global sweet tooth…(Read more)