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GeoWrap: Malaysia to have National Geospatial Master Plan ready by 2018; Driverless car Bill in US State Congress and more

Russian space cameras on ISS may replace US models in 2018

Russia: Russian news agency Sputnik on Thursday reported that Russian-made cameras that are installed on the International Space Station (ISS) for recording the activities of astronauts in outer space may replace similar US-made models as early as next year…(Read more)

High number of government funding proposals show strong interest in LaunchUK

UK: The UK Space Agency’s call for grant proposals to establish initial launch capability in the UK concluded on August 22 2017, with a number of options being recommended for consideration. 26 proposals were submitted to the call process, representing potential spaceports all over the UK…(Read more)

Malaysia to have the National Geospatial Master Plan ready by May 2018

Malaysia: At the 16th edition of GeoSmart Asia conference 2017, Member of Parliament and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment for Malaysia, DS Wan Junaidi TJ announced the ministry’s plans of developing the National Geospatial Master Plan (NGMP) for realizing the potential of geospatial technology…(Read more)

SPECIM to invest €3.5 million through Bocap to strengthen global market position

US: Spectral Imaging (SPECIM) has agreed to investment €3.5 million through Bocap SME Achievers Fund II Ky, with the aim of doubling its current €10 million revenue by 2020. World leader in providing hyperspectral imaging technology and related products and solutions…(Read more)

ikeGPS announces Spike’s integration with Autodesk software

New Zealand: ikeGPS announces the launch of Spike’s integration with Autodesk software, allowing architects, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals to use Spike files directly with the computer-aided design (CAD) software application, AutoCAD…(Read more)


Driverless car Bill pushes its way to House; 15-point safety checklist must for automakers in the United States

With a motive to control traffic deaths and give an impetus to autonomous technology, a driverless car Bill is being pushed through the House, as Congress races to pass the first federal legislation to address the emerging technology. At present, there are no overarching federal laws specifically governing the operation…(Read more)

Malaysia’s National Geospatial Master Plan to be ready by 2018

Malaysia’s much awaited National Geospatial Master Plan (NGMP) has finally been announced at GeoSmart Asia 2017 at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). Let’s find out the salient features of this strategic step undertaken by the Malaysian Government! Driven by private consumption and investments on the…(Read more)


Location adds more value to data analysis, believes Tapan Patel of SAS

In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Tapan Patel, Product Marketing manager at SAS Institute Inc. talks about the importance of location data. Tapan believes that Location adds more value to data analysis. Watch full interview to know more…(See here)

Malaysia to have National geospatial master plan by 2018

Driven by private consumption and investments on the demand side, and the thrust of the services, construction and manufacturing sectors, the Malaysian economy has been able to sustain growth at 5.8% in the second quarter of 2017. Much of the strong economic momentum can be attributed to the…(See here)