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GeoWrap: LiDAR market to flourish by 2022; ‘Electoral Maps’ of the British Elections 2017 and more

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LiDAR market to exceed US$ 3 billion by 2022: Report

US: The global LiDAR market is expected to exceed more than US$ 3 billion by 2022 and will grow at a CAGR of more than 12.1% in the given forecast period. The report covers detailed competitive outlook including the market share and company profiles of the key participants operating in the global market…(Read more)

SITECH releases Guide to Survey and Mapping Drones

US: SITECH Southwest has released its own Guide to Survey and Mapping Drones. The goal of this guide is to present interested parties with a thorough overview of drone applications in site mapping, surveying and a variety of other applications…(Read more)

Sokkia introduces field-to-office software solutions for robotics and GNSS rover system

US: Sokkia introduces new field-and-office software solutions for its total stations, robotics and GNSS rover systems — GeoPro Field and GeoPro Office. GeoPro Field provides a graphical user interface designed to easily collect field measurements for land surveying and construction activities…(Read more)

SSL built EchoStar XXI satellite begins post-launch maneuvers according to plan

US: The Space Systems Loral (SSL) developed EchoStar XXI satellite was launched on June 8, and is successfully performing post-launch maneuvers according to plan, said the company in a press release…(Read more)

China to cooperate with India in space program, says top Chinese scientist

China: China is willing to cooperate with India in space program but this depends on the governments deciding the extent of collaboration, a top Chinese aerospace scientist has said, playing down the so-called “space race” between the two countries…(Read more)


‘Electoral Maps’ of the British General Elections 2017British General Elections

If anything, Prime Minister Theresa May, the Conservative Leader, did not expect was to lose her parliament majority after the British General Elections on Thursday. With no party in a position to establish control, i.e. a hung parliament, the Britain General election only brings with it a period of political uncertainty…(Read more)

DigitalGlobe captures volcanic eruption in Aleutian Islands

On Sunday, May 28, 2017, the Bogoslof Volcano in Alaska’s Aleutian islands erupted, sending a plume of ash upwards of 35,000 feet into the air. And now, DigitalGlobe, the Colorado-based satellite imagery company, has published the before, after, and in the midst eruption images of the local area…(Read more)