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GeoWrap: INTERGEO 2017 announcements; Levi’s smart jacket and more

INTERGEO 2017: More announcements from Topcon

Berlin: The second day of INTERGEO saw some more product announcements from Topcon. The company announced an update on its data collection software for SmoothRide resurfacing workflow solution. RD-M1 Collect 2.0, the latest update, would facilitate and optimize road mapping of road conditions. The software now has an improved interface that simplifies the setup and detects the position of the wheel and sensor data automatically. A new feature called Memos allows…(Read more)

INTERGEO 2017: DotProduct joins hands with Arithmetica to launch Pointfuse for DotProduct Scanners

Germany: DotProduct and Arithimetica have entered into a technical partnership to develop and launch ‘Pointfuse for DP’ – a 3D model creation capability for Dot Product scanner users. With a ‘one button’ approach, Pointfuse for DP converts Dot Product point clouds into 3D models with accurate geometry, and it also enables mesh surfaces in the models to be isolated and manipulated in a CAD software. Pointfuse for DP scanner will be on display at Booths C2.055 Hall 2.1 at INTERGEO…(Read more)

INTERGEO 2017: Pix4D’s future line of products announced

Berlin: At INTERGEO, Pix4D made few important announcements about the company’s future line of products. In some important announcements, Pix4D announced that with its Pix4Dmapper 4.0 you will get machine-learning tools for photogrammetry applications in your hands. The application will allow you to classify 3D point clouds into categories like buildings, roads or vegetation. And this is just the beginning of Pix4D’s latest journey. It also announced a new User Certification…(Read more)

EarthSense air pollution technology to control vehicle emissions in real-time

UK: EarthSense Systems is helping develop a system to automatically activate zero-emission running of hybrid vehicles along the most heavily polluted city streets. Using its state-of-the-art Zephyr air quality monitoring sensor, EarthSense will measure local air quality levels, in real time, and upload them to a specially developed hybrid vehicle interface, triggering on-demand zero-emission running instructions in vehicles when pollution levels are high enough…(Read more)

Pitney Bowes expands data, software solutions through location-based insights

US: Pitney Bowes today announced a dramatic expansion of its data and software solutions that will enable organizations to better understand customers with context to location. The expansion includes updates to the Pitney Bowes flagship Spectrum solution, which incorporates address, location and customer data information to create a single view of a customer; unique customized data sets that organizations can deploy to supplement existing investments in business…(Read more)


Indian Subcontinent may become too hot for human survival in the next 80 years

South Asia faces a slew of problems that will be further compounded in the foreseeable future, with environmental degradation, over-exploitation of natural resources, deterioration in air and water quality, diminishing forest covers, and exploding population. The most prominent of all the problems, however, would be heating of the region to a temperature that humans cannot withstand. Erratic seasonal change, sweltering heat, incessant rains, frequent natural calamities…(Read more)

Google – Levi’s smart jacket out in market at $350; available only at limited outlets

Do you remember a few months back we had told you about a Google and Levi’s smart jacket? Yes, The one which has been specially designed for bikers and cyclers. So, if you were eagerly waiting to own this stylish techy jacket, your wait is over now. It will be available in the market from tomorrow at just $350. For now, the jacket will be available in selected stores in New York, Boston and West Hollywood. From October 2 the jacket will be available online but in selected Levi’s stores…(Read more)