GeoWrap: Know how hurricanes are named; Lockheed unveils new UAS and more

GeoWrap: Know how hurricanes are named; Lockheed unveils new UAS and more


LizardTech awarded US patent for LiDAR point cloud compression

US: LizardTech has been awarded with a US patent for compression of LiDAR point clouds. The patented technology provides lossless compression of point clouds captured by airborne LiDAR sensors or terrestrial laser scanners for easy and cost-effective processing, storage and transmission of data sets. “LiDAR systems capture terabytes of data containing rich information that can be difficult to exploit due to the difficulty processing such massive files,” said John Hayes…(Read more)

Trimble introduces lower power GNSS-Inertial boards for high precision and control applications

US: Trimble introduced today a new family of Trimble BD GNSS boards for high-precision guidance and control applications. The BD boards’ simple connectivity and configuration allow system integrators and OEMs to easily add GNSS positioning and orientation—with the ability to upgrade its capabilities—using the same board footprint, connectors and software interface for specialized and custom hardware solutions. The compact Trimble BD boards include a broad range of receiver…(Read more)

Lockheed Martin unveils a new lightweight canister UAS

US: Lockheed Martin has unveiled a new small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that has been designed and developed in the UK at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI). OUTRIDER is a lightweight, canister launched UAS that has been designed by engineers at Lockheed Martin UK’s Havant facility in partnership with Wirth Research, an engineering company with specialisation in aerodynamics and composite materials. At only four inches wide and…(Read more)

Phase One Industrial introduces 190MP Aerial System; delivers large format functionality

Phase One
Phase One Industrial

Copenhagen: Phase One Industrial today announced a breakthrough in aerial imaging – the 190MP Aerial System – built on the new, dual CMOS sensor, dual lens iXU-RS1900 camera, which is capable of capturing images at 190 megapixels. This system was designed with input from engineers and leading experts in the photogrammetric field to address a wide variety of challenging aerial applications, such as remote sensing, monitoring, inspection, and disaster management. This cost effective and highly accurate system, featuring large image coverage, light weight and…(Read more)

Three Swedish municipalities chooses Digpro for better cooperation in fiber networks

Sweden: The Dorotea, Åsele and Vilhelmina municipalities of Sweden have jointly chosen Geographic IT company Digpro to install a geographic information system that allows them to get an increased overview and better documentation of their fiber networks. Digpro will provide the geographic information system dpCom for their fiber networks. With one system installed the three neighboring municipalities can interact and learn from each other. Through a joint system they are able…(Read more)


Do you know how hurricanes are named?

Hurricanes have dominated the global discourse more than anything in the past two weeks. First Harvey left a trail of destruction two weeks back, rendering damages up to $23 billion in property and thousands of people homeless. Irma took a colossal toll in the Caribbean and Florida tearing off roofs, destroying homes and uprooting trees, and turning the lush green islands completely brown. Jose and Katia are now forecasted to turn into powerful storms, and already impacting(Read more)

This extraordinary map will tell you up-to-date drone laws for every country

Up-to-date drone laws of every countryAs a technology, it may have been useful to us, but in most countries drone flying is still taken very seriously. And when you are a hobbyist drone flyer in a foreign country, then unknowingly you’ll multiply your troubles inevitably. To avoid such misadventures, blogger and traveler, Anil Polat, have come up with an interactive map that shows drone laws for every country in the world (for recreational use only). The map offers relevant information of more than 246 countries with regards to drone flying…(Read more)