GeoWrap: HCCI opens GNSS laboratory; A square GIS in a round world...

GeoWrap: HCCI opens GNSS laboratory; A square GIS in a round world and more


New tech by DJI to identify and track drones

DJIUS: DJI has released AeroScope, its new solution to locate, identify and monitor airborne drones with existing technology that can address safety, security and privacy concerns. AeroScope makes use of the existing communications link between a drone and its remote controller to broadcast identification information such as a registration or serial number, as well as basic telemetry, including location, altitude, speed and direction. Police, security agencies, aviation authorities and other authorized parties…(Read more)

ESA assumes the responsibility of the Disasters Charter

Disasters CharterFrance: When disaster takes a severe toll, a group of international space agencies pool their resources and collectively deploy their expertise to support relief and rehabilitation efforts on the ground. For the next six months, ESA will be leading the International Charter Space and Major Disasters as it brings information from satellites to the aid of those who need it the most. Every six months, a different member takes the role of Primus Inter Pares, or Charter lead, in simple language…(Read more)

Indian university in collaboration with Hexagon open GNSS laboratory

India: The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Hyderabad (JNTU-H) and Hexagon Capability Centre India (HCCI) have established a GNSS laboratory at the Centre for Spatial Information Technology, JNTU-H, according to a report published in Telangana Today. The university is located in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, in the Indian state of Telangana. The lab is equipped with NovAtel GNSS receivers, antenna, systems, cables and other hardware components. The equipment enables reception…(Read more)

Delair launches large-area mapping drone

DelairUS: Delair has launched an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for survey-grade photogrammetric mapping. The UX11 is a small fixed-wing UAV that combines a powerful integrated onboard system, industry-grade sensors, limitless communication range and PPK centimeter-level positioning. It carries enough onboard computing power to access and process the pictures, then send them back to the operator in real-time. It will run automated quality checks on the images — such as blur detection…(Read more)

Global UAV Technologies to provide UAS survey services to Fallen American Veterans Foundation

US: Global UAV Technologies has been chosen by the Fallen American Veterans Foundation (FAVF) to provide them survey services and custom UAV solutions to aid in their efforts to search and recover U.S. Military Personnel Missing in Action (MIA) worldwide. Global UAV will commit the availability of its specialized UAV-MAGTM system and other technology and equipment to assist in the search and recovery of the missing aircraft and their crews. The FAVF has received funding…(Read more)


How precisely accurate is your geo-intelligence?

Location data is an important source of real-world context and geo-insights for many industry verticals. Market research pundits are projecting USD $20 Billion will be spent on geo-insights by 2020. As location intelligence continues to become mainstream, marketers, advertisers, and smart city planners are busy purchasing as much 3rd party location data as they possibly can. Our blog post this week revisits the fundamentals to ensure the best return for your location data investment…(Read more)

A square GIS in a round world

Data analysts and geo-specialists, seeking to perform visual analytics on their geospatial and geotemporal data sets often struggle with the same problem:  neither their GIS systems nor their conventional analytics tools seem to do the job.  It is not uncommon to hear professionals saying: “If I don’t know beforehand what it is I’m looking for, I can’t use my GIS system for quick and interactive analysis to find “the needle in the haystack”. “My GIS is fine for storing and editing data…(Read more)

New Views: Maps that feature our world like never before

Professor of social geography at Newcastle University, Alastair Bonnett, recently published a unique collection of fifty maps that visualize, measure, and map our physical, political and cultural world like never before. This collection is put together in the form of a book called New Views – that is available on The book delineates energy networks to revealing new and emerging lands, information about the planet’s forests and undersea cables, human migration…(Read more)