Home News GeoWrap: Gexcel introduces mobile mapping system; autonomous security system and more

GeoWrap: Gexcel introduces mobile mapping system; autonomous security system and more

Gexcel introduces mobile surveying and mapping system

Italy: An Italy-based LiDAR and imagery analysis software solution provider, Gexcel, has entered 3D mobile mapping market with its HERON system. A real-time 3D surveying system, HERON is developed for professional indoor/outdoor mapping and surveying…(Read more)

The Survey Association Bursary builds bright future for Geomatics students

UK: The Survey Association’s £2000 bursary award is set to boost the career prospects of two exceptional Geomatics students at Newcastle University. The winners, Connor Foxall and Oliver Smith, received their cash prize at a TSA conference where they also had the opportunity to network with industry professionals and guest speakers…(Read more)

Bluesky’s tree map used to create maps of allergenic pollen-producing plants

UK: A map of over 280 million trees nationwide has been used to create the first high-resolution maps of allergenic plants and trees of Great Britain. Detailing the location of key plants and trees known to produce pollen that can trigger allergies and asthma, the maps were produced, using Bluesky’s National Tree Map data, at the University of Exeter in collaboration with the Met Office…(Read more)

Indian state announces of using drones by all departments

India: The Indian state, Karnataka, is all set to become the first state that will use drones in all its departments. According to a news report, the state government is planning to come up with a comprehensive policy on using UAVs in various government departments following Karnataka Jnana Ayoga (KJA) recommendations…(Read more)

Dutch start-up launches next generation mapping drone Marlyn

Drone company Atmos UAV launches Marlyn, a lightweight drone which flies automatically, effortlessly and at high wind speeds. One of the first customers that signed up is Skeye, Europe’s leading unmanned aircraft data provider…(Read more)


Find your toilet: Indian government to expand ‘Toilet Locator’ to 85 cities

Indian government’s ‘Toilet Locator’ initiative across 85 cities to be in action by October 2, 2017. The app by the Ministry of Urban Development will use Google Maps to track nearby toilets. Agra, Ajmer, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati will have this feature…(See here)

As Aadhaar is for people, eLoc is for addresses, says MapmyIndia CTO

In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Rohan Verma, Executive Director and CTO, MapmyIndia says that eLoc is like Aadhaar of addresses. Verma also discusses how the company is monetizing eLoc and its connection with ISRO…(See here)

Otsaw Digital develops world’s first autonomous security system

Singapore-based Otsaw Digital has developed world’s first ground-aerial outdoor security robot system. Named as O-R3, the system combines an autonomous roving ground vehicle and a surveillance drone…(See here)