GeoWrap: FAA works with private drone agencies; Chinese startup develops own reusable...

GeoWrap: FAA works with private drone agencies; Chinese startup develops own reusable rocket and more


FAA works with private drone agencies in hurricane search, rescue and relief operations

US: The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is working with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) operators in Florida to make rescue, relief and evacuation operations easier and faster in the coastal state that is bearing the brunt of Hurricane Irma. FAA received requests from numerous drone agency operators, to fly drones in hurricane affected areas. So far, it has authorized 132 operators. The US Air National Guard, which is normally used in combat operations, has also been deployed…(Read more)

Morocco to host 7th Digital Earth Summit to discuss earth observation

Morocco: El Jadida, Morocco is to host the 7th Digital Earth Summit on April 17-19, 2018. The summit will be held to discuss about achievements in earth observation and share technical knowledge and domain expertise. Digital Earth is an international initiative that focuses on virtual representation of Earth. The main theme in the 7th event will be sustainable development in Africa, and it would be jointly organized by the International Society for Digital Earth and the Moroccan Chouaib…(Read more)

Arithmetica to offer latest Pointfuse V3 version under special offer to Twitter users

England: Arithmetica has announced to launch the latest version of its Pointfuse V3 point cloud conversion software, with a special offer to followers on Twitter. Users who download a trial version of the software and then engage with the company on Twitter will be eligible for a substantial discount on the published annual license fee. Pointfuse V3 will be available for download from 18th September at Pointfuse’s website, and will be on show at Booth C2.055 Hall 2.1 at INTERGEO 2017, in Berlin…(Read more)

Hong Kong to create its first smart city digital hub

Hong Kong: Siemens and the Hong Kong Science Park have entered into an agreement to create Hong Kong’s first smart city digital hub. The hub will be powered by MindSphere, the cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens, to tackle the city’s challenges through an open, interactive and holistic approach. Siemens has also extended its cooperation with Zhuhai for a tailored intelligent traffic management solution and deployed embedded city sensor boxes…(Read more)

Relief to disaster affected people with Takor Group’s free mobile mapping app

Australia: In the aftermath of frequent hurricanes affecting the United States and Caribbean nations, Takor Group has offered free licenses of their mobile GIS and data collection app, Mappt, to support the immediate response and recovery process. The app enables field workers to gather data in an efficient manner, work offline in remote areas without internet access and view, edit and share location based geographical data on Android tablets and smartphones(Read more)

ImageSat International launches single click Geo-data validation

Imagest InternationalUS: ImageSat International(ISI) is all set to make a foray into geographic data services market, in collaboration with, a location based geo-communication platform.  Geo data validation will be enabled by combining high resolution satellite imagery and the overall reach of smartphone users. In fast changing reality, it becomes an imperative to quickly follow up with additional information. And integrating satellite images with real time information is the best approach…(Read more)

Chinese satellites BeiDou-3 to get new chips

China: A new chip for the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) was unveiled on Saturday by the Global Navigation Satellite System and Location Based Service (GNSS and LBS) Association of China (GLAC). The chip supports the new generation of BeiDou-3 satellites for high-precision navigation and positioning. The positioning accuracy of the chip reaches the sub-meter level without ground-based augmentation. The chip, developed by Shenzhen-based Allystar Technology…(Read more)

SpaceX trademarks the name ‘Starlink’ for its highly ambitious satellite internet

US: SpaceX has finally decided the name for its highly ambitious satellite constellation project, as it filed for a trademark. The trademark filings also revealed a lot about its capabilities, including remote sensing. The company’s representatives filed for a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for ‘Starlink’, the proposed name for the constellation of 12,000 satellites that would provide ultra-high speed internet connectivity to users till 2024. SpaceX…(Read more)

Chinese startup develops own reusable launch vehicle

China: A Chinese start up, Link Space, is seems to be following the footsteps of SpaceX by laying out its own project of reusable space launch system. The startup which is also the country’s first private rocket company, has recently presented the design of its New Line 1 (also known as Xin Gan Xian 1) launch vehicle, which could compete with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 in the future. Link Space uncovered the design and some basic technical parameters at a recent presentation. The images revealed…(Read more)

Innoflight picks SSL to test and validate scenarios for hosting payloads

US: Electronics equipment provider for Defense & Aerospace Innoflight has chosen satellites and spacecraft manufacturer SSL to provide a high fidelity simulation environment for testing the security of hosted payloads on commercial satellites. The capability, which is being developed for the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) as part of its Secure IP Payload Accommodation Demonstration Project, will enable SMC to demonstrate…(Read more)