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GeoWrap: ESA builds air-breathing electric thruster; China to launch Long March-5B rocket and more

MDA chooses Schiebel’s UAS to fulfill contract with international customer

US: Maxar Technologies (formerly known as MDA) has commissioned a fleet of Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS to fulfill a contract with an international customer. According to Schiebel, MDA chose the CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS because of its “impressive track record of providing critical support in sea- and land-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.” A vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAS, the S-100 has a relatively small logistical footprint…(Read more)

ESA develops world’s first air-breathing electric thruster

In a world-first, an ESA-led team has built and fired an electric thruster to ingest scarce air molecules from the top of the atmosphere for propellant, opening the way to satellites flying in very low orbits for years on end. ESA’s GOCE gravity-mapper flew as low as 250 km for more than five years thanks to an electric thruster that continuously compensated for air drag. However, its working life was limited by the 40 kg of xenon it carried as propellant – once that was exhausted, the mission was over…(Read more)

NASA and ISS partners seek input on standards for deep space technologies

US: In order to maximize the investment and to yield the benefits of the deep space exploration platforms and technologies, NASA and its International Space Station partners have collaborated to draft standards that address seven priority areas in which technology compatibility is crucial for global cooperation. The agency and its partners are seeking feedback on these draft interoperability standards, which cover: avionics, communications, environmental control and life support systems, power systems, rendezvous operations, robotics, and thermal systems…(Read more)

SFL to highlight six upcoming microspace missions at Satellite 2018 Conference

Canada: Space Flight Laboratory (SFL), will highlight its upcoming six microsatellite missions at the Satellite 2018 conference in Washington, D.C. The satellites now under development at SFL are being built for Earth observation, radio frequency communications, and atmospheric monitoring applications. Established in 1998 as a self-sustaining specialty lab at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), SFL specializes in developing nano- and microsatellites on tight schedules and at relatively low cost to deliver big returns for its clients around the world…(Read more)

China to launch Long March-5B rocket in 2019

China: China will launch the Long March-5B carrier rocket into space in 2019, according to a spokesperson for the China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO). The rocket will help carry the core module and experiment modules to China’s space station. The Long March-5B carrier rocket will undergo testing in March in preparation for the first launch mission. China will select the third batch of astronauts in the first half of this year for its manned space exploration plan…(Read more)

Esri releases Survey123 for ArcGIS with new spike integration

US: Esri today announced the new software release of Survey123 for ArcGIS mobile application with Spike, a laser measurement solution by ikeGPS. This paired technology dramatically accelerates field data capture and asset inspection activities. Spike allows users to measure hard-to-reach objects from a distance simply by taking a photo with their smartphone or tablet. Users can then capture real-time measurements from that image, including areas, elevations, distances between two points, and GPS/GNSS location…(Read more)

LS telcom’s Collibrex develops NavAidDrone for navigational aid inspection

Germany: LS telcom’s Colibrex, in collaboration with FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH has developed NavAidDrone, a drone-based system for navigational aid (NAVAID) inspections. The NavAidDrone is used for field measurements required for commissioning and regular maintenance of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)…(Read more)


Partnership between solution providers and users key to ushering in IoT in India

The world is on the cusp of 4IR which is leading to new business models, revenue models and new set of applications for the geospatial industry and other related sectors. A key driver which is all the more paving the way to 4IR is the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology is changing the world rapidly in a connecting manner and the world is getting smaller and smaller by connecting things…(Read more)

Digital Convergence: The future of breathtaking socio-economic developments

In a rapidly transforming world, the seamless interconnection, integration and convergence of various technologies is heralding great developments and playing a pivotal role in enabling new research and impacting societies. Along these lines, the 26th Convergence India 2018 conference being held in New Delhi shed light on the imminent need of digital convergence for fostering technological growth as well as betterment of the citizens…(Read more)