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GeoWrap: Map shows the journey of Santa across the globe; Elektro Gorenjska implements UT for ArcGIS and more

Elektro Gorenjska implements UT for ArcGIS

Switzerland: Elektro Gorenjska is an electric distribution company in the northwest part of Slovenia that ensures delivery of electricity to more than 88.900 users. The innovative and quality-awarded company has defined its IT development strategy a couple of years ago and is following the roadmap into the implementation of unified and integrated information systems using the CIM standard. Open, flexible and interoperable GIS system with proven references…(Read more)

2018 Upper Midwest Geospatial conference announced

US: Bringing together the GIS organizations from states in the Upper Midwest, the UMGEOCON 2018 is the follow-up of the inaugural 2016 conference that was built to encourage collaboration and collective learning across the county and state borders from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The 2018 Upper Midwest Geospatial Conference, a.k.a UMGEOCON, will take place at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, May 23-24, 2018. Our aim is to bring together mid-level…(Read more)

Esri brings the power of Spatial Analytics to NRF 2018

US: Esri will be on hand at National Retail Federation (NRF) 2018—Retail’s Big Show, showcasing the ways location intelligence can power the seamless customer experience that retailers are after. Esri will demonstrate how combining consumer data with spatial analytics and mobile capabilities can provide retailers with the precision detail and location-based insights they need to strengthen planning, operations, and growth. Gary Sankary, head of retail for Esri and a 30-year retail industry veteran…(Read more)

Pix4D introduces new image classification for Pix4Dmapper photogrammetry software

US: Pix4D has introduced a new image classification technique as part of its Pix4Dmapper photogrammetry software. The solution uses new machine vision techniques for photogrammetry for automatically classification of drone-based point clouds. Known for its photogrammetric capabilities from drone-captured imagery, the Pix4D software automatically classifies drone-based point clouds, based on machine learning techniques. As far as converting raw imagery into 3D models…(Read more)

Esri publishes best practices book on Using Imagery in GIS

US: Esri has announced the publication of Imagery and GIS: Best Practices for Extracting Information from Imagery. The book teaches the fundamentals of collecting imagery via remote sensing systems and then using the imagery within a geographic information system (GIS). Imagery is at the heart of GIS technology, providing most of the data in maps. The data comes in the form of aerial photos, thermal and satellite images, digital elevation models, and scanned maps…(Read more)

NovAtel joins Baidu’s Apollo as official partner

Canada: NovAtel has joined Baidu’s Apollo Autonomous Driving ecosystem – Project Apollo. Project Apollo has been initiated to provide an open, comprehensive and reliable software platform for Baidu’s partners in the automotive and autonomous driving industries. Accurate and reliable positioning is essential to any autonomous system. NovAtel SPAN GNSS+INS products will provide position, orientation and time as a critical component of autonomous solutions. Michael Ritter…(Read more)

MDA to provide maritime command and control solutions to NATO

US: MDA, a business unit of Maxar Technologies (formerly MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates) has announced that it has signed a contract valued at approximately CA$15 million with NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI). MDA will build a new system to support NATO’s maritime command and control operations under Project TRITON based on a modern software architecture and technology. This capability will be provided on both fixed and deployable systems…(Read more)


A classical map shows the journey of Santa Claus across the globe

Santa ClausA jovial and corpulent Santa Claus with a flowing white beard who travels on a reindeer sledge in frosty, blistering cold, distributing gifts to the children and radiating optimism, love and happiness all along his path, is the most vivid, memorable and ubiquitous Christmas iconography. It instantly delights us and brings a smile on our face. A map titled “A World of Good Wishes at Christmas time”, which was made in 1955 by General Drafting Company, a now-defunct mapmaker…(Read more)

NRSC Workshop shows windows of opportunities to geospatial companies

The two-day NRSC-AGI workshop on Geospatial Applications and Industries concluded on December 21, at the National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC), Hyderabad. Facilitated by the NRSC, the workshop was aimed at understanding the industry capabilities in different geospatial applications relevant to NRSC. The workshop also focused on the potential areas, where there can be a possibility with industry collaboration. The workshop featured presentations in fifteen-parts from the industry…(Read more)