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GeoWrap: Earth-i to use KSATs ground stations; Iceye to support EO data services for DIUx and more

Earth-i to use KSATs ground stations for receiving first full-color videos from space

Earth-iUK: Earth-i has given another update on its progress in building the first constellation in the world to provide full-color video – and the first European-owned commercial constellation able to provide both video and still images The company has confirmed that its prototype satellite is now en route to launch provider Antrix in India with the launch planned for late-December on a PSLV rocket. This satellite will be used to test performance and confirm capabilities for the future constellation including tasking… (Read More)

Iceye to support Earth observation data services for DIUx

US: The U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) has chosen microsatellite startup Iceye to purchase airborne Earth observation (EO) data support services.To build a bridge between commercial technological innovation and national security endeavors, DoD had launched DIUx in 2015. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Boston, Massachusetts, Austin, Texas, and the Pentagon, in Arlingon, Virginia, DIUx facilitates DOD’s efforts… (Read More)

Spaceflight to launch 11 satellites on India’s PSLV

US: Spaceflight has announced that it will be launching 11 spacecraft in January 2018 from the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Spacecraft include Finland’s Iceye-X1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) microsatellite, Planetary Resources’ Arkyd-6 6U asteroid prospecting demonstration cubesat, four Spire Global Lemur 2 cubesatsAstro Digital’s Landmapper-BC3, AmSat’s Fox-1D cubesat, and few others. Spaceflight completed the CubeSat… (Read More)

Airborne Support and Fototerra join hands for oil spill response in the Gulf of Mexico

US: Airborne Support and Fototerra Aerial Survey have announced a joint venture to provide integrated airborne oil spill response services in the Gulf of Mexico for the responder’s community and the oil and gas operators. The joint venture will capitalize on the strong reputation Airborne Support has developed as a leader for aerial dispersant application in the Americas and on Fototerra’s strength in aerial remote sensing with unique technologies for oil spill detection and analysis… (Read More)

SkyX completes long-range UAV flight over gas pipeline

Canada: SkyX Systems, a Canada-based long-range monitoring and UAV data providing company, has completed a flight of 100 kilometers (approximately 62 miles) for the oil and gas market. Taking place in Mexico, the SkyOne drone flew an autonomous mission over more than 100 kilometers of a gas pipeline. The flight was programmed and monitored remotely from the company’s Greater Toronto Area SkyCenter mission control, along with a support crew of engineers on the ground in Mexico… (Read More)

Applanix, Think 3D deliver UAV LiDAR mapping with Direct Georeferencing

US: In an alliance formed to make small airborne LiDARs cost-effective and accurate, Applanix has developed a small, lightweight and low powered DG (Direct Georeferencing) solution and applied it to Think 3D’s Stormbee multicopter, integrated with Trimble’s AP15, to make it possible and deliver maximum efficiency, accuracy and performance for LiDAR surveys for any unmanned aerial vehicle. The Stormbee is a directly georeferenced UAV LiDAR solution for 3D Industrial Mapping… (Read More)


Indo-Russian collaboration: GLONASS ground station in Bangalore; NavIC’s in Novosibirsk

Indo-Russian collaboration in spaceRussia is planning to set up ground base stations in India for receiving communication signals of GLONASS. Similarly, ISRO will be allowed to set up IRNSS (now called NavIC) ground stations in Russia. This is another giant leap in Indo-Russian collaboration in the realm of space. In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Vitaly Safonov, the General Deputy Director of Glavcosmos, a Russian state launch service provider and a subsidiary of ROSCOSMOS, said the arrangement is in line… (Read More)

Hexagon India excited to be a part of fourth industrial revolution

Fourth industrial revolutionThe concept of Fourth Industrial Revolution is catching up. Even in India. While the government has been talking about digitization and use of spatial technologies in governance, the Indian chapter of the global geospatial giant Hexagon is talking gearing up to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Hexagon India President Pramod Kaushik said that as a global provider of new-age technologies, Hexagon is aligning its efforts with various key initiatives of the Indian government like Make in India… (Read More)

This interactive map gives you best possible information about cyclones and hurricanes

Interactive maps are not just informative but are great tools to transform complex data to simple visualizations. Like in the case of Cyclocare. This cyclone and hurricane tracking interactive map shows the current and probable positions in detail. With the Atlantic storm season passing off, the map looks pretty clean. Earlier destructive hurricanes like Irma, Jose and Maria had created a havoc over the region. At present the map highlights the active cyclone area over western part of India… (Read More)