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GeoWrap: DG shareowners approve MDA merger; Japan’s SpaceX fails at maiden launch and more

Geospatial data body plan goes on the shelf

UK: The Land Registry annual report that was recently released, also revealed that the planning of combining the three main land and property databases in a new geospatial data body appear to have been shelved by the government…(Read more)

New app identifies renewable energy sites in Pacific

Oceania: Finding the best areas to generate solar power in Pacific Island countries is now possible with a new free tool, Global Solar Atlas, facilitated by the World Bank, and launched today, 31 July, at the Pacific Power Association (PPA) Conference in Apia, Samoa…(Read more)

DigitalGlobe shareowners approve merger with MDA

US: DigitalGlobe has announced its preliminary results that its shareowners overwhelmingly voted to approve the company’s proposed merger with MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA). Approximately 93% of the shares represented and voting at the meeting…(Read more)

Scientific communities to meet for ‘Quantum Technologies in Space’ training workshop

France: From 11 to 14 September 2017, a variety of stakeholders in space agencies, space industries, and scientific communities will be meeting in Lisbon for a training workshop on ‘Quantum Technologies in Space’. The 20th century has endowed(Read more)

ISYX , Microsoft unveil solutions to reposition building and construction industry

US: ISYX Technologies and Microsoft jointly presented various solutions to boost productivity and enable digital dashboards for better decision making across in this market segment. ISYX Technologies successfully held a joint workshop with Microsoft…(Read more)


A life-saving app that enables distressed veterans connect with others

Lending an ear to someone who is facing an emotional crisis is probably the best help one can provide. It is common among family and friends to provide emotional support to a loved one just by listening to their problems and talking to them for hours…(Read more)

NOAA’s GOES-R series satellite data now available on Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s cloud computing platform – Amazon Web Service (AWS) has made available the data captured by NOAA’s GOES-R series satellites on its Amazon S3 platform. Focused on providing continuous weather imagery, NOAA operates a constellation of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites…(Read more)

UK Land Registry Report shelves Geospatial Data Body Plan

UK seems to have shelved the plan for setting up a comprehensive body to maintain geospatial data. The recent Land Registry Annual Report, released on 18th July 2017 has no mention of an earlier proposal by the Conservative Party to combine elements of the Land registry…(Read more)

Japan’s SpaceX fails at maiden launch

A Japanese company’s answer to SpaceX managed to launch its first rocket on Sunday but failed to reach its target altitude of 100 km and splashed into the Pacific Ocean. The 10-meter rocket called Momo, was designed and manufactured by Interstellar Technologies…(Read more)


Time for evergreen revolution in India, says MS Swaminathan

Time for evergreen revolution- Exclusive Interview with father of green revolution, MS Swaminathan…(See here)