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GeoWrap: Delair introduces new LiDAR drone; Teledyne Optech announces the new ALTM Galaxy PRIME and more

Delair introduces new LiDAR drone with new industry firsts

France: Drone solution provider for commercial industries, Delair, today introduced the next generation of its high-performance Delair DT26X LiDAR UAV, the industry’s first long-range fixed-wing drone to combine highly accurate Light Distance and Ranging (LiDAR) sensing capabilities with an integrated high resolution RGB (red, green, blue) camera, dramatically increasing the precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of surveying and 3D mapping…(Read more)

Trimble announces new MX9 mobile mapping system

US: Trimble has announced the release of the Trimble MX9 mobile mapping solution. The Trimble MX9 combines a vehicle-mounted mobile lidar system, multi-camera imaging and field software for efficient, precise and high-volume data capture for a broad range of mobile mapping applications such as road surveys, topographic mapping, 3D-modeling and asset management. The Trimble MX9 captures dense point cloud data along with 360 degree immersive georeferenced imagery using…(Read more)

Teledyne Optech announces the new ALTM Galaxy PRIME

US: Teledyne has announced the latest addition to its innovative line of airborne laser terrain mappers, the ALTM Galaxy PRIME. The new Galaxy PRIME builds on the advanced and unique PulseTRAK and SwathTRAK productivity features of the current Galaxy T1000 sensor platform by adding extended range performance for even greater collection efficiency, improved vegetation penetration, and increased low-reflectance target detection. An innovative “night mode” increases…(Read more)

Forest fire risk assessment using hotspot analysis in GIS

US: The recent forest fire incidents are becoming a major concern as they seriously threaten the environment, economy and human’s safety. This research study aims to figure out forest fire hotspots using advanced hotspot analysis in GIS. Further, it can help propose appropriate preventive measures using Site Suitability and Network Analyses in GIS. The study focuses on Brunei Darussalam because it is increasingly struck by forest fire incidents among all regions in Southeast Asia…(Read more)

YellowScan introduces long-range UAV LiDAR solution

France: YellowScan has rolled out the Surveyor Ultra, a LiDAR system suited for long-range unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). As per YellowScan, the new turnkey LiDAR system integrates the VLP-32C scanner and the Applanix APX-15 IMU. Due to its high density (600,000 shots per second), the system is ideally suited for high-speed and long-range drones. Its lightweight of 1.7 kg (approximately 3.75 lbs.) makes it easy to mount on any drone, including vertical takeoff and land (VTOL) aircraft…(Read more)


Concept3D brings geospatial technology and VR in space planning with this interactive 3D map

Generations after generations, maps have played an important role in contextualizing data, specifically for locating demographic data such as population, race, income and education. They help us study an area’s demographic information and allow us to understand and analyze their relationship with each other. A fine example of this understanding is the interactive map of Colorado Convention Center created by Concept3D. Useful to visitors, guests, exhibitors and vendors…(Read more)

Boundless provides more scalability with new Cloud-native geospatial Web server

Boundless geospatial web serverLocation is a common denominator between progress and innovation. With the rapid increase in smartphones/smart devices, there has been a sudden explosion of location data that businesses and consumers want to tap in order to leverage or generate new opportunities. As a result, maps have become a vital component of application development. Exploring this trend, Boundless, a geospatial software company, has introduced a new Cloud-native geospatial Web server…(Read more)