GeoWrap: DARPA plans to launch and recover sUAVs; SSTL ships RemoveDebris and...

GeoWrap: DARPA plans to launch and recover sUAVs; SSTL ships RemoveDebris and more


DARPA plans to launch and recover sUAVs from Air Force C-130s

US: The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) plans to demonstrate an ability to launch and recover small drones from an Air Force C-130 aircraft as part of its continued development of the Gremlins program – a technical effort designed to deploy groups of small drones carrying 60-pound sensor payloads up to ranges of 300 nautical miles. The program is expected to culminate in an air launch and recovery demonstration in 2019. The drones are intended to perform…(Read More)

SSTL ships RemoveDEBRIS mission for ISS

SSTLUK: Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) has shipped the RemoveDEBRIS spacecraft to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for launching it to the International Space Station (ISS) onboard the SpaceX CRS-14 re-supply mission. RemoveDEBRIS is an Active Debris Removal (ADR) mission which is led by the Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey and co-funded by the European Commission and partners. The RemoveDEBRIS satellite platform was designed and manufactured by SSTL in Guildford UK…(Read More)

BAE Systems’ MAGMA UAV completes first flight trails

US: BAE Systems and the University of Manchester have successfully performed first flight trials of Magma small-scale unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The Phase I trials of the UAV controlled by blown-air system form a part of an ongoing project between the two organizations and a long-term collaboration between industry, academia and the government to develop new flight control technology. Two technologies, wing circulation control and fluidic thrust vectoring, will be tested on the Magma UAV…(Read More)

UAE announces first unified electronic platform for UAVs

UAE: UAE has announced a unified electronic platform for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to be used for recreational and commercial purposes. The platform, which is called “Unified Pilot System for Unmanned Aircraft Products and Systems,” boosts the UAE government’s endeavor to provide a civil aviation environment and a safe community for practice. It will be used to obtain unmanned aircraft information and adhere to the UAE standards established by the Committee for Monitoring…(Read More)

CRCSI in Australia and New Zealand to continue after commonwealth funding ends

Australia: The partners of the Australia and New Zealand Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information have supported its continuation as a self-sustaining entity when its Commonwealth funding stops in June 2018. Dr Peter Woodgate, CRCSI CEO, said that for the past 15 years the CRCSI has been tasked with bringing the research, private and public sectors together to tackle spatial R&D challenges of significance for Australia and New Zealand. “It is a testament to our partners…(Read More)


This Esri story map highlights the holiday traffic around major airports

The holiday season is around the corner and the Esri’s newly published air traffic analysis comes as a blessing in disguise. The company has published an interactive map of the air traffic trends from the past three years for December 23, which is a peak travel time during Christmas. These maps use historical traffic data from mapping company HERE and highlight the traffic changes through animated GIFs of the 5 busiest airports of the US. Titled as “How Holiday Travel Affects Traffic around America’s…(Read More)