GeoWrap: Cyient announces Q3 results; Martin Instrument and WDS announce merger and...

GeoWrap: Cyient announces Q3 results; Martin Instrument and WDS announce merger and more


Martin Instrument and WDS announce merger to create AllTerra Central

US: Martin Instrument and Western Data Systems (WDS) today announced that the companies have completed a merger agreement to create AllTerra Central. The combined staff will allow AllTerra Central to better focus on bringing Trimble Optical, GNSS and GIS solutions and complete field supply availability to the Surveying, Mapping, Engineering and Construction markets across Texas and Oklahoma. The Management team will be headed up by Bobby Hempfling(Read more)

China launches 2 remote sensing satellites and 4 small satellites

China: China sent two high-resolution optical remote sensing satellites into an orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on January 19, reported Xinhua. The two commercial satellites, Jilin-1 Video 07 and 08, were developed by Chang Guang Satellite Technology Company and will provide remote sensing data and products for government and industry users along with the eight previously launched Jilin-1 satellites. In October 2015, four Jilin-1 commercial satellites…(Read more)

Cyient announces 11.9% increase in Q3 results

India: Cyient has released the last years Q3 results, starting from Oct to Dec 2017. The company announced the revenue of $152 million in its third quarter, which is the highest in the year so far. The company measured an 11.9% increase in revenue in this quarter. In terms of business growth, the company shows an increase of $139.9 million, which shows a growth of 4.2% in a Quarter-on-Quarter (QoQ) basis. Commenting on the results, Mr. Krishna Bodanapu, MD & CEO, said...(Read more)

AccuWeather appoints Influent Media as its digital advertising sales partner in the UK and Ireland

US: AccuWeather today announced that it has appointed Influent Media as its digital advertising sales partner in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Influent Media, the U.K.’s newest and largest independent digital advertising sales house, is ideally suited to help brands and agencies that serve audiences in the U.K. and Ireland benefit from AccuWeather’s ability to deliver customized messages to tightly targeted audiences and meet strategic campaign objectives…(Read more)

NITI Aayog initiates first course on sustainable urban planning using remote sensing, GIS

India: The first global initiative on developing an academic network GIAN course on Sustainable Urban planning using remote sensing and GIS has been launched at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) outreach center in Noida. Principal Adviser, NITI Aayog, Ratan P. Watal, inaugurated the course at a function in Noida yesterday on 15th January, 2018. This course is being conducted under the Global Initiative on Academic Network (GIAN) Program of the Ministry of Human Resource…(Read more)

British and French space agencies sign a cooperation agreement at the Sandhurst Summit

UK: The UK Space Agency and CNES signed a joint statement to scale up cooperation in space, at the UK-France Summit in Sandhurst on January 18. The statement focused on projects for climate action, Mars exploration, space applications and Europe’s space programme. An agreement has also been signed to enable the UK Space Agency to participate in CNES’s contribution to the SWOT (Surface Water & Ocean Topography) mission being undertaken jointly with NASA. France and the United Kingdom are also partnering on the MicroCarb programme to monitor…(Read more)


Mapping travel time to urban areas across the world

Mapping travel time

All across the world, the average travel time to the nearest urban area is contingent on a number of factors, including the quality of public infrastructure, population density, demographic distribution, topography, the overall developmental indices and extent of urbanization. It varies not only from country to country but even within a country, the traditional hinterlands are far away from the urban centers as compared to towns. Using Open Street Map and Google, a team at the University of Oxford…(Read more)