Home News GeoWrap: Bluesky acquires Col-East, SimActive and Tianlifa launch UAV solutions and more

GeoWrap: Bluesky acquires Col-East, SimActive and Tianlifa launch UAV solutions and more

Bluesky acquires U.S. aerial survey company Col-East

US: British aerial mapping innovator Bluesky International is expanding its business into North America following the acquisition of Col-East, a Massachusetts-based aerial survey company. Col-East has been mapping the Northeast United States for 65 years and will continue as Col-East International Ltd., forming the U.S. arm of Bluesky…Read more.

EARSC opens invites for submitting European EO product award 2017

Europe: Following the success of the EO Product of the year, the EARSC has opened invitation to submit your entry which this year will focus on products supporting the SDGs. As it attracted a strong competition last year, with the final award winner being “Rocket in your Pocket” by Jeobrowser, the invites for submitting this year’s applications has opened…Read more.

TCarta Marine, DigitalGlobe to unveil Bathymetric data portal at Ocean Business Conference

UK: Marine geospatial products provider, TCarta Marine, has announced the launch of Bathymetrics, an online portal offering instant access to satellite-derived bathymetric data sets. TCarta Marine will unveil the Bathymetrics portal and initial 2-metre data sets at the upcoming Ocean Business 17 Conference in Southampton, England…Read more.

SimActive and Tianlifa launch integrated UAV solution

US: SimActive has announced a fully-integrated solution with Asian surveying market, Tianlifa. The partnership results in a high-end mapping product featuring the new China Star drone from Tianlifa and SimActive’s Correlator3D…Read more.

SSL sues rival Orbital ATK over theft of trade secrets

US: Orbital acknowledged the unauthorized access of SSL’s data and fired the employee, but did not respond to questions about the scope of the breach or about five other Orbital employees whom NASA said may have read the SSL documents, the lawsuit said.Read more.


World Bank’s interactive map shows where deforestation is severe

World Bank has come up with an interesting interactive map to show that Earth has lost 1.3 million sq km of forest cover — an area larger than South Africa — in the last 25 years. The average annual average loss of forests has been 50,000 sq km, an area the size of Costa Rica, as per data from World’s Bank’s 2016 Edition of World Development IndicatorsRead more.


Share location in real time with Google Maps’ new feature

Google Maps has added a new feature that will reveal your real-time location to your contacts. The feature can help users in fixing up meetings, and sharing their whereabouts just by sending a link. This link will be generated by enabling the location-sharing feature by tapping on a blue dot that represents where you are.

NASA says sea ice at record lows on both poles

Our poles are melting. The combined Arctic and Antarctic sea ice numbers were at their lowest point in March 2017 since satellites began to continuously measure sea ice in 1979. NASA says the poles have lost sea ice larger than Mexico during this period.