GeoWrap: Autoliv, Velodyne to develop LiDAR sensor; geospatial policy watch and more

GeoWrap: Autoliv, Velodyne to develop LiDAR sensor; geospatial policy watch and more


Autoliv, Velodyne sign agreement to develop LiDAR sensor for autonomous cars

Israel: Autoliv has signed an agreement with Velodyne LiDAR to develop a critical sensor for autonomous cars. Velodyne will support Autoliv in the development of an automotive grade LiDAR. The first applications will be in the RoboTaxi segment…(Read more)

NRSC establishes new outreach facility in Hyderabad

India: National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) established a new Outreach Facility at Jeedimetla Campus in Hyderabad to cater to the ever growing requirements of capacity building in Space-based applications…(Read more)

GNSS chip market expected to grow at USD 5.22 billion by 2022: Report

India: According to the market research report from MarketsandMarkets, the GNSS chip market is expected to be valued at USD 5.22 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% between 2016 and 2022…(Read more)

IMAGEM launches satellite based earth monitoring platform

Netherlands: IMAGEM has launched cloud-based platform Rheticus in partnership with Planetek Italia, for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Rheticus delivers fresh and accurate data and information for monitoring of the Earth’s surface transformation phenomena…(Read more)


SpaceX is recycling spacecraft like we do with plastic

While SpaceX has been returning the Dragon capsules routinely back on Earth via splashdowns in the ocean, this is the first time that one of those has completed a second re-supply mission. Until now, no non-SpaceX spacecraft has visited the ISS…(Read more)


India is making chip to use IRNSS on mobile

IRNSS Mobile Chip, Indi getting ready and when can you expect to use the Indian GPS signals in your mobile phones.There are two uses of the navigation system. Security, air travel and important installations which are not a price-conscious industry. For them, the NavIC receivers are there. You pay some money and you will get good NavIC receivers …both L and S bands…(See here)

Policy Watch: Geospatial Policy Updates right in your inbox

The short and concise monthly newsletter is designed in a way to make sure you stay up to date with the latest developments. Policy Watch distills complex details of a policy so that the reader can easily understand the heart of the issue…(See here)