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GeoWrap: Amazon files patent to deploy drones in India; two space R&D programs announced by the Australian government and more

Amazon files patent for deploying exclusive drones in India

India: Months after Amazon filed a patent in India for drone technology with respect to propeller safety, the ecommerce giant has filed another patent application in India for exclusive rights on multi-scale fiducials, black and white marks on any object for the unmanned aerial vehicles to identify them From different distances, reports the Business Standard. These can also be used to identify aircrafts and other objects flying in the Indian skies, as per the patent application. Fiducials are features… (Read More)

CONNECT edition of Bentley substation improving electrical design through workflow updates

Singapore: Bentley Systems has announced the early access of Bentley Substation CONNECT Edition, substation design software that unifies electrical and physical design. The new release supports improved project collaboration and coordination and provides visibility into the project’s progress and the quality. Riaan Dippenaar, project engineer, Aurecon Cape Town, said, “Bentley Substation’s design capabilities allow us to be proactive, accurate, innovative, and collaborative…(Read More)

Chinese Long March 2D launches Venezuelan VRSS-2 earth observing satellite

China: China launched the second remote sensing satellite for Venezuela using a Long March-2D (Chang Zheng-2D) launch vehicle on October 9. This was the first use of the CZ-2 rocket after a mishap occurred in December 2016 with the first Gaojing mission. The failure caused major disruption to the Chinese launch schedule. The launch of VRSS-2 took place at 04:13 GMT from the 603 Launch Platform of the LC43 Launch Complex of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Also known by Antonio… (Read More)

Bentley’s OpenPlant CONNECT edition improves multi-discipline plant design productivity

Singapore: Bentley Systems announced the early access of OpenPlant CONNECT edition. OpenPlant CONNECT edition is the latest evolution of Bentley’s plant design software that enables users to improve design and operations with a collaborative, intelligent, 2D and 3D plant design environment based on open data standards. OpenPlant CONNECT edition improves collaborative, multi-discipline plant design productivity by connecting to project collaboration services, supporting cloud-based… (Read More)

Bentley’s OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT edition to enable modeling with reality context

Singapore: Bentley Systems has announced early access to OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT edition. OpenBridge Modeler integrates with OpenRoads Designer CONNECT edition and now incorporates real-world conditions throughout the design and construction lifecycle. penBridge Modeler CONNECT edition enables BIM modeling of bridges and can adjust dynamically to changes in the roadway design made in OpenRoads Designer. Plus, all bridge BIM modeling can now be done in context… (Read More)

Pakistan likely to deploy earth observation satellite in 2018

Pakistan: In a major advancement, Pakistan’s Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) confirmed that the Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1) will launch in March 2018. The PRSS-1 will be Pakistan’s first earth observation satellite. Its primary role will be to support Pakistan’s  development efforts, from monitoring geological and environmental events to supporting national tasks, such as disaster relief and monitoring areas of interest to the CPEC… (Read More)

Bentley Systems and Siemens collaboration will accelerate digitalization for power utilities and industrial power facilities

Singapore: Bentley Systems has announced new applications for power utilities and industrial power facilities as a first step in its alliance with Siemens Energy Management Division. will assist users by enhancing Bentley’s network management, design, and operations applications with new integrated analysis, design optimization, and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) decision support capabilities, helping to reduce costs, improve reliability, and build-in resilience in response to global marketplace changes. (Read More)

Two space R&D programs announced by the Australian government

Australia: Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the University of New South Wales Canberra (UNSW Canberra) have signed a collaborative agreement to launch a three-year space R&D program, as per the latest announcement of the Australian government. The program worth AU$9.7 million will be conducted at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). Christopher Pyne, Minister for Defense Industry, made the announcement at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide…  (Read More)

Bentley announces Microsoft Azure-based cloud services extending projectWise CONNECT edition for project delivery

Singapore: Bentley Systems has announced ProjectWise CONNECT Edition cloud services, powered by Microsoft Azure. The Azure-based services complement ProjectWise Design Integration service, the proven workhorse for work-sharing across collaborating engineering teams, which can be deployed on-premises, either as a cloud service, or in any hybrid combination. By using the shared Azure platform, project delivery organizations using both ProjectWise CONNECT Edition’snew “365 Services”… (Read More)

Bentley’s New CONNECTservices gives learning, mobility, and collaboration benefits to its application subscribers

Singapore: Bentley Systems declared the introduction of SELECT CONNECT services, new Azure-based services that deliver comprehensive learning, mobility, and collaboration benefits to Bentley application subscribers. The most significant update of the SELECT program since its inception, CONNECTservices are new benefits to all subscribers of Bentley applications, whether through SELECT for perpetual licenses, Enterprise License Subscriptions (ELS), or Cloud Services Subscriptions (CSS)… (Read More)


Did you know origami helps NASA scientists with spacecraft designs?

Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding and craft, is creativity and ingenuity at its very best. The art of making multiple designs and patterns with the help of a single paper is enthralling. It is as complex as it appears and requires years of practice to attain perfection. Origami is widely used in art nd craft, 3D architecture and teaching mathematics. But it would be quite surprising to know about the use of origami in spacecraft designing. NASA engineers use origami… (Read More)