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GeoWebCache 1.0 Released

New York: OpenGeo has released GeoWebCache 1.0, is a tile cache for WMS servers designed to significantly improve the performance of your service and provide easy integration with software such as OpenLayers, Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth. The response time for cached tiles is measured in milliseconds, making it possible to serve hundreds of simultaneous clients using modest hardware.

GeoWebCache can run on any platform supported by Sun Java 1.5 or newer and requires only a Java Servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat, to run. The programme will work with any WMS 1.1.0 compliant server, including GeoServer, MapServer and degree. It can automatically configure itself from a WMS !GetCapabilities document, detailed configuration can be achieved through XML files. A simple web interface is available to preview the layers. A built-in multi-threaded seeder makes it easy to populate, truncate and update the cache. !GeoWebCache forwards requests that are not !GetMap to the backend, making these queries work seamlessly. The system is built using the Spring Framework, which makes it easy to extended with new services, backends and storage mechanisms. A RESTful API makes it possible to configure layers and initiate seed requests using JSON or XML. !GeoWebCache is free software, licensed under the LGPLv3.

Current users of GeoWebCache include:

SafeTrack – www.safetrack.dk
SafeTrack is a provider of online fleet control software. Uptime and speed are critical for their services. !GeoServer is used to serve background data, applying complex styling to many layers with several hundred megabytes of data. GeoWebCache sits in front to decrease the load on the server and accelerate the The company sponsored the development of the Virtual Earth service for GeoWebCache.

“We have been very happy with the way that both !GeoServer and especially GeoWebCache works and performs. Not having GeoWebCache in front would not be an option for us, as we require a very high performance solution where tiles and maps load extremely fast. We give GeoWebCache our highest recommendation to anyone looking for a caching solution that works with your preferred mapping provider.” – Martin O. Madsen

City of San Francisco Enterprise GIS – sfgov.org
The City of San Francisco uses GeoServer and GeoWebCache internally for typical municipal applications, such as zoning lookups. GeoWebCache was chosen to enable clients to render maps in the blink of an eye.

Statens Kartverk – The Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority (NMA) – www.statkart.no/
NMA is currently working on projects related to the EU directive INSPIRE. The agency’s infrastructure that can support 800 000 WMS requests per day and is taking steps to integrate GeoWebCache as a caching layer, thereby increasing the capacity and providing a faster user experience.

Community Participation:
The project has benefited greatly from Google Summer of Code. First through Chris Whitney’s jTileCache, the starting point from which GeoWebCache has gradually evolved, and again this year through the XML and REST improvements made by Marius Suta. The project would also like to thank everyone who has contributed bug reports and patches, including jaakl, Eric Lawrey and Daniel Gredler.

GeoWebCache will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Planned features include the ability to let users specify what WMS parameters can be varied by the clients, so that each layer can forward filters and support multiple sets of tiles. Also, steps are being taken to enable !GeoWebCache to automatically expire tiles as the data changes on the backend or styles are modified. To facilitate these features, storage of tiles and meta information will be improved. A nice, AJAX based frontend for tasks such as configuration, seeding and testing the layers is also in the works.