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GeoWeb 2008 Call for Papers Issued

Vancouver, BC, CANADA,—GeoWeb 2008 conference organizers are issuing a call for papers for presentations and workshops. The annual conference will take place in Vancouver from July 21-25th, 2008 and the meeting is being held at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue. GeoWeb is one of the only annual conferences focusing exclusively on the convergence of GIS and the Internet and the economic potential associated with the convergence of XML, web services and geographic information systems. The GeoWeb 2008 conference welcomes both public and private organizations to meet, discuss and learn about today’s most innovative geospatial technologies.

The theme for the GeoWeb 2008 conference is Infrastructure: Local to Global. This implies the GeoWeb has a local or community dimension as well as a global one – that the integration of local infrastructures will give rise to a global infrastructure – that global aggregators will drive the creation of local infrastructures. Papers on any aspect of these issues are welcome and key themes of the paper presentations are:

  • Global aggregators and Data Communities
  • GeoWeb in Security and Defense
  • Real time emergency response and environmental security
  • Neo-geo, user generated data and the GI professional
  • CAD-BIM-GIS-Games Integration – 3D Cityscapes (Worlds Real and Virtual)
  • Infrastructure for information – building alongside physical infrastructure
  • Municipal SDI in the GeoWeb
  • Imaging, Coverages and Information Infrastructures
  • Conference papers can also be submitted that address these issues in technical terms or in policy/social terms or even combinations of the above.

    Presenters will be chosen based on a formal selection process led by GeoWeb’s Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee will include industry leaders from relevant organizations worldwide that include Google, ESRI, Telus Geomatics, GE Energy and many others. Ron Lake, Chairman and CEO of Galdos Systems Inc. will act as Chairman of the committee.

    Prospective speakers should submit abstracts no longer than 200 words and include the presentation title, the name of the presenter or presenters, the presenting organization, and their preferred theme. The abstract online submission form as well as complete information on the call for papers process may be obtained at www.geowebconference.org and must be submitted prior to Friday, February 1st, 2008.