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GEOVIRTUAL Becomes First European Strategic Partner of OGC

Spain : The Spanish company GEOVIRTUAL announces becoming the first European Strategic Member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). The public announcement of GEOVIRTUAL’s Strategic Membership was announced during the recent Valencia OGC Technical Committee meetings (December 1st and 4th).

The OGC’s mission to advance the development of international standards for geospatial interoperability will be advanced by GEOVIRTUAL’s participation in this process. GEOVIRTUAL seeks to create a decentralized and democratic geospatial system based on the power to share information and on the freedom to choose such information.

The Strategic Member category is the highest level of membership in the OGC, and, apart from GEOVIRTUAL, only the following US institutions and companies participate at this level: NASA (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration), NGA (US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency), USGS (US Geological Survey), Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, ERDAS Inc. and BAE Systems – C3i. Organizations including Google and Microsoft belong to OGC at the next level of membership, that of Principal Member.

Mark Reichardt, President, OGC, said, “By joining at the Strategic level, GeoVirtual has shown its commitment to leadership in bringing open standards together with “geobrowsing” and high quality dynamic 3D representation of geographic features and phenomena. Through the company’s participation in the Consortium, we expect to see accelerated adoption of interoperability in this key technology sector, which has uses in everything from online advertising to training, entertainment and scientific modeling.”

“We take pride in becoming the first European Strategic Member of the leading standards organization in the global geospatial market. To think that we disembarked in this market nearly 20 years ago as a modest company specializing in the development of new graphic languages to describe territories, both for the end user and professional user, and that now we have become a reference speaker in this sector shows us that companies such as ours, with great development potential and strong innovative drive can change the framework of any market,” stated Gonzalo García, GEOVIRTUAL President and founder.

The technology developed by GEOVIRTUAL is aimed at two different markets: the public in general, through a solution called Glinter, for local searches on the Internet, which puts companies at the forefront of the emerging GeoWeb and Web 3.0; and 3D visualization solutions for the professional GIS market.