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Geotrigger solution to unleash e-shopping scene in Malaysia

Asia: Malaysia is all set to experience a new GIS technology 'geotrigger' developed by Esri, which is expected to drive an e-shopping revolution.

Using the new solution, retailers would be able to place an invisible perimeter – known as a geo-fence – around a storefront, triggering push notifications to consumers' smartphones when they cross the boundary.

The new geotrigger solution facilitates real-time location-based messaging and intelligence to iPhone and Android applications. Retailers can push various personalised special offers (promotions, time-sensitive discounts or loyalty bonuses) directly to the smartphones of users to draw them into a particular store.

The Geotrigger solution greatly enhances iOS and Android’s native geofencing features, like the ability to create complex polygon geofences and to notify other servers and services when triggers are fired. Unlike email or SMS campaigns, the technology doesn’t bombard consumers with random promotional material at an inappropriate time or place.

Source: Digital News Asia