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GeoTerraImage offers innovative GIS datasets

South Africa: GeoTerraImage (Pty) Ltd, a South African company, released innovative GIS datasets, Building Based Mapping datasets. The company claims that the datasets offer the highest level of detail available in the market and provides a complete overview of an area including residential and economic activities, as they exist on the ground. The data is represented by a coded point per structure.

The information products are a combination of demographics, land use, future developments applications, land cover and residential building counts (Growth Indicator) fused to provide a comprehensive and coherent tool for decision making and the integration into existing systems. Each dataset contributes to providing a complete understanding of an area.

According to the company’s press statement, using up-to-date imagery, individual buildings are identified and captured providing an accurate and complete coverage of an urban area/local authority. Through a process of in-field verification and validation, each building was classified according to a standardised land use classification providing a consistent dataset across the coverage area. This process also included the fusion of existing datasets to ensure a comprehensive overview of an area.

The company explains their datasets as:
Building Based Mapping datasets break through historical information barriers, providing more comprehensive (in depth) indicative information regarding the actual “real world” land use.
Building Based Classification allows users to classify all land uses within a land parcel linking them to building structures and
Building Based Land Use Information is indicative of the actual land use in an area and not the zoned land use as described in the Land Use Management Scheme (Town Planning Scheme).

Source: GeoTerraImage