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GeoTango introduces SAME technology at GeoTec event

GeoTango International Corp., makers of advanced 3D geospatial visualization solutions, announced that Dr Vincent Tao, President of GeoTango introduced the Company’s new ‘See Anywhere Map Everywhere’ (SAME) technology in a keynote address at the 19th Annual GeoTec Event Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

SAME uses satellite/aerial images and sensor networks to provide real-time or near-real-time monitoring, surveillance and mapping of critical infrastructure sites, urban cores and rural regions anywhere in the world. SAME was demonstrated at GeoTec Event as a web client using a wireless connection to stream high resolution imagery and aerial photography to the display. As a user zooms in, more detailed imagery/maps are displayed. Hotspots like webcams and other information sensors are accessible directly from the displayed imagery/map giving instant access to these additional data sources.

SAME is a network-centric 3D spatial visualization and streaming system that allows users to perform 3D visualization and interactive exploration of multiple data sources over a distributed network. This leading edge system delivers a full 3D world with multiple resolution images and maps of anywhere in the world. The main target markets are emergency planning, scenario visualization and command & control situations.