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Geosystems and Miner & Miner Join as Business Partners

Geosystems has partnered with Miner & Miner to develop business in Latin America. This partnership will continue to offer enterprise GIS solutions to electric, gas and water/wastewater utilities around the region. Geosystems is a leading provider of applied Geo-spatial solutions. As such, they specialize in the implementation of turnkey and customized services to suit specific client needs. They also offer integrated solutions using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Satellite Images Processing, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Geosystems, located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is an exclusive distributor for ESRI, and other companies producing tools for data acquisition, analysis and display of geographic information. Geosystems services include consulting, customer service, technical support, and on-site training for all their line of products.

Miner & Miner and Geosystems are already working jointly on a project in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Cooperativa Rural de Electricidad (CRE) serves 400,000 electric customers and has successfully implemented ArcFM 8.1. Certified Geosystems’ professionals offer product support and customer service for Miner & Miner’s products. Highly qualified engineers and technicians provide on-site training and on-the-spot support in response to specific client needs. Geosystems team members are constantly updating their skills and product knowledge by transferring technology at the manufacturers sites. Lorgio Quevedo, Geosystems’ engineer, for example, has been certified as a trainer by Miner & Miner and has conducted the training in Spanish for the CRE project. Geosystems is also responsible for the Spanish translation of the ArcFM software and data model that was recently implemented at CRE. As part of this partnership Geosystems will also be translating product literature to Spanish.