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GEOSYS UAV technology to improve national security and safety

British Columbia, Canada, 18 April 2007: GEOSYS Technology Solutions working on a project to develop intelligent systems that will improve national security and safety has received funding to accelerate their work in disaster and emergency management.

The project is funded by Ottawa based Precarn Incorporated a company representing a national network of corporations, universities, colleges, research institutes and government partners engaged in the development of intelligent information and communications technology (iICT).

GEOSYS Technology Solutions is collaborating with Vancouver-based Universal Wing Geophysics, and Victoria-based BC Provincial Emergency Program and BC Base Mapping and Geomatic Services. Other project partners are York University Geospatial Technology and Hazard Mitigation Group, and University of Calgary Positioning and Mobile Information Systems Group.

“The funding for this project was awarded as part of the Precarn Small Company Program,” said Paul Johnston, President and CEO of Precarn Incorporated. “This project represents a major breakthrough in the development of iICT technologies (technologies that perform human functions such as perceiving, reasoning and action) for Canada on an international scale”.

The project, UAV borne Geo-Intelligent Collaborative Decision Support System for Real-Time Disaster and Emergency Management (GIDE), includes the development of a system that provides timely, critical information to disaster management professionals.

“Safety and security issues are top of mind among Canadians and we’re confident that this extra financial support will translate into increased commercialization of leading-edge technologies that will benefit the Canadian public, and establish Canada as a world-leader in the industry,” said Precarn’s Johnston.

GEOSYS Technology Solutions is a remote sensing company in the business of delivering geospatial information products, value-added services and systems. The company specializes in digital processing of acquired images using air/space-borne platforms.