Geosweep: Geo-location based digital game

Geosweep: Geo-location based digital game


UK: Duke & Earl, MultiAdaptor and Total Media are launching Geosweep, a geo-location game equivalent to the National Lottery. The game will go live on October 10, 2010. They are also launching a GBP 1.5 million integrated campaign for Geosweep. The initiative is being backed by a group of high-profile investors including City financier Ben Arbib.

The game, created by entrepreneur brothers James and Henry Oakes, uses Google Maps to let users buy locations, including their own house, favourite football club or a place that has personal meaning for them, for a 10p stake. These locations, called ’Geos’ will be entered into a daily draw of GBP one million.

Kieren Moran, Geosweep marketing director and former head of marketing for News International, said the game offers a big opportunity for brands. The campaign will be run across digital, including viral, social media and display ads, as well as TV and press ads. “The National Lottery hasn’t invested much thinking in the online space, it’s mostly focused on print,” said Moran, “We’re the digital version and can offer better odds.”

Working with Google Maps will also provide Geosweep with data that can be used to understand regional user profiles.

Source: New Media Age