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Geostellar, GeoEye to map solar power potential of the USA

Herndon, USA: GeoEye, a geospatial information and insight provider, announced a strategic relationship with Geostellar, an innovative technology company that is transforming the solar energy industry. Under the terms of the agreement, GeoEye will supply high-quality earth imagery, digital surface models and other mapping data to help Geostellar dramatically expand its service. GeoEye also intends to take a small equity position in the company.

Geostellar needed a strategic partner to help collect and process massive amounts of earth imagery data to catalogue the solar power potential of every commercial and residential property in the USA. GeoEye will become Geostellar’s earth imagery vendor of choice and apply image processing capabilities developed by GeoEye analytics to provide the data required to develop solar maps for every key metropolitan market in the USA.

“GeoEye is constantly searching for ways earth imagery and other forms of geospatial data can be utilised to deliver new levels of insight,” said Tony Frazier, senior vice president of Marketing. “Geostellar is a terrific example of how geospatial analytics can help transform a multi-billion dollar industry. We are excited to combine imagery, expertise and enabling technology to help Geostellar achieve its vision.”

“High quality, digital surface models and mapping data provide critical fuel to our engine,” said David Levine, founder and CEO of Geostellar. “Our strategic relationship with GeoEye will help millions of residential and commercial property owners understand how quickly they can generate a return on investment by going solar.”

“It is exciting to see Geostellar apply capabilities developed by GeoEye analytics to support such an innovative use case,” said Mark Dumas, GeoEye’s vice president of Special Projects and co-founder of SPADAC, now known as GeoEye analytics. “It is a great example of how the expertise and enabling technology we developed to support our military customers can be applied to drive commercial growth.”

Source: GeoEye