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Geospatial World to partner at GEOMETOC Workshop in Prague

Czech Republic: Geospatial World has become a partner at the Geospatial, Hydrometeorological and GNSS (GEOMETOC) Workshop, a three-day event that is being held in October in Prague, Czech Republic. The event is a part of Future Forces Forum – a project that is focused on modern technology for today’s soldier, police, IEMS and other security forces; including a congress, three conferences, four workshops, traditional international Future Forces Exhibition and meetings of several expert NATO groups.

The main topics that GEOMETOC will touch upon will include designated geospatial information for state security forces and organizations; geospatial support to national defence and crisis management; modern trends in the hydrological and meteorological support of armed forces and government performance; and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) future challenges and opportunities.

Also, the keynote speakers will include Mr. Ray Swider – Chairman NATO Capability Panel 2 (Identification and Navigation); Mr. David Grimes, President, World Meteorological Organization (WMO); Mr. Pascal Legai, Director of European Union Satellite Centre; Prof. Dr-Ing Wolfgang Reinhardt, AGIS GI Research Group, Professorship of Geoinformatics, Department of Applied Computer Sciences, University of the Bundeswehr Munich; and others.

Source: Future Forces