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Geospatial World is going digital!

Geospatial World is going digital
Geospatial World is going digital

Noida: The world is going digital. For some, it is about new technology. For others, it is a new way of engaging with consumers and clients. And for the rest, it could be an entirely new way of doing business. In keeping with the changing dynamics of the industry and the world in general, Geospatial World has decided to go digital. In 2016, we took some baby steps and laid the foundation for us to go all the way.

Amid all the disruptions and innovations, one thing has remained constant — and relevant — content. Content is still the king. But unlike in the print media, content in the digital world is interactive, fast-changing and essentially driven by viewership. No matter how good your content is you don’t stand a chance in the digital world if you don’t have the numbers. Moving with the times means taking forward-looking decisions – some tough, some easy, most, exciting.

First up, we have decided to turn the Geospatial World print magazine bimonthly from 2017.  But that doesn’t mean you will get a lesser magazine. The bimonthly magazine will capture more high quality content and exhaustive trends, while we bring you faster updates on the evolving technology landscape digitally. Also you don’t have to wait to get the print magazine on your table. Get your hands on the digital magazine HERE!

And here’s the exciting part, after many experiments and soul searching for the past two years, we have finally found our calling —  ‘Go Digital’.

We overhauled our website last year, making it more dynamic and viewer-friendly. We have also focused on building fresh, fast and unique content. www.geospatialworld.net has registered an impressive 25% rise in viewership in the past 3 months. We recently crossed the 50,000 visitors-a-month milestone.

We have more fresh ideas for videos and online content in our kitty. Let’s not forget our social media platforms that are leveraged to reach out to more than 30,000+ people at one go!

As we start the New Year, there are goals and resolutions that we hope to achieve. We’re planning to give you your geospatial fix through in a much more efficient way with crisper content and catchy stories. Stay tuned!

For information, contact:
Kushagra Agrawal
Business Head – Media
[email protected]