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GeoSpatial World 2002 Features Location-based Services Colloquium

As the location-based services (LBS) industry continues to gain momentum in the enterprise market, the GeoSpatial World 2002 conference will provide its attendees insight and education for this industry with a special LBS Colloquium. GeoSpatial World 2002, the Intergraph GeoSpatial Users Community (IGUC) International Training and Management Conference, will take place June 10-12 in Atlanta, Georgia. The LBS Colloquium will be offered at no additional charge on Tuesday, June 11, and repeated on Wednesday, June 12, to enable attendees to attend the colloquium without missing other conference sessions of interest.

Participants in this colloquium will learn how location-based services are being used and how to apply these services to create effective business strategies with practical applications for the enterprise. GeoSpatial World 2002 attendees can choose from sessions that include:

  • Making Sense of Mobile Devices – This presentation will decipher the ever-expanding availability of mobile data devices and operating systems, and explain the software development languages used to program them. This session will include examination of different mobile devices and a status update on fast wireless networks.
  • LBS for Dummies – How To Build a Location-based Service – In this session participants will see how to build a location-based service in their organization. Topics will include 1) the prerequisites – what you need before you start, 2) the plan – what decisions you need to make about designing your location-based service, 3) the design – what queries you need and how to configure them, 4) the data – how to choose data, where you get it, and how to prepare it, and 5) the development – the magic of XML.
  • Real Benefits from Real Applications for Real Business – This presentation will outline how location-based services is unfolding in practice, and will cover the business strategy of IntelliWhere, its focus, its product range, and where these have been applied successfully in practice. The session will illustrate where companies can make money, save money, and get real business benefits for their organization through the use of practical location-based solutions.