Geospatial training for foresters in Bhutan

Geospatial training for foresters in Bhutan


Bhutan: A 10-day basic training on GIS and GPS was organised for the 23 foresters of the Royal Manas National Park (RMNP), Bhutan, at the park’s head office in Gelephu. Now, foresters will use GIS applications, instead of topography sheets, to draw detailed and more accurate maps of the protected areas.

Officials, who attended the course, said that until now they had used navigation devices provided by the government to record data for trekking purposes and marking places. “We’d come back and manually draw maps by hand,” a forester said. “With GIS we’ll be able to provide better information about the park.”

“We’re specifically focusing on protected areas, since the officials here have to use both GIS and GPS,” said an official, from the forest resource development division (FRDD), adding that foresters use GPS to collect information in the field and GIS to design maps.

Source: Kuensel Online