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Geospatial tool discovers gold mine in Mongolia

Mongolia: China has found a large gold mine in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. According to experts, the deposit may contain more than 100 tons of gold, and its potential economic value is expected to be around 35 billion yuan. The mine is located in Baotou, Inner Mongolia.

According to the Chief Engineer of the exploration team Huang Zhiquan, the team launched a large-scale geological exploration for gold at the potential site, using remote sensing, satellite locator investigation and geophysical exploration techniques. Up to now, a total of 7 gold groups with 53 gold veins have been located. The cumulative amount of gold resources amounted to 100.5 tons.

According to the “land resources survey of mineral resources evaluation” released by the China Geological Survey in October this year, since a new round of land resources survey in 1999, China has found 250 new precious metal mines and newly-found gold resources of 1,830 tons.

Source: People’s Daily Online