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Geospatial Technology firm offers mobile data collection platform

USA: Geospatial technology company Spatial Networks has announced its new Fulcrum Ready Campaign aimed at arming volunteers with fast response data tools and ensuring humanitarian volunteer organizations are ready before a disaster strikes.

At Spatial Networks, we understand that the most effective tool in disaster response is intel, which is why we created Fulcrum Community. Fulcrum Community is a no-cost, short-term crowdsourced data collection solution enabling volunteers to remotely capture and collect critical information and also allow real-time communication between team members – with or without wifi connectivity.

Thus far we have responded to Cyclones Idai and Kenneth in Mozambique and fires in the hills of Santa Barbara County in California. We’re in the process of reaching out to areas impacted by Cyclone Fani and parts of the U.S. being affected by this year’s flash flooding. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria taught us that our app platform saves lives if we’re there when disaster strikes, which is what our campaign is all about. They called us and we are answering each community as quickly as we can. Time is precious when it comes to saving lives.

The Fulcrum Ready Campaign takes Fulcrum Community a step further. Historically, users have requested and been granted access to our platform when catastrophic conditions already exist. This initiative aims to equip and educate the volunteer responder community with Fulcrum before the worst happens so they can get to work as soon as disaster strikes, maximizing their life-saving efforts.

Fulcrum is a cloud-based mobile data collection platform that enables organizations to work faster, improve communication, and gain valuable insights into field operations. Used as a standalone location-based data collection platform or integrated with existing services such as GIS and asset management systems, the platform provides ground truth that puts data into actionable, meaningful context. More than 121,000 users across 51,700 organizations in 180 countries have collected over 147 million survey records with Fulcrum.