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Geospatial tech to monitor agro project in Pakistan

Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Government of Punjab, Pakistan, launched a mega project “Punjab Irrigated – Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project” (PIPIP), worth PKR 36 billon (PKR: Pakistani rupee). It is co-sponsored by the World Bank. The project will be monitored by GIS and remote sensing technologies. 
Three regional projects coordination units will be established at Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi to provide technical support, capacity building and training to all stakeholders of the project at a cost of PKR 4352.29 million.
Irrigated agriculture is the lifeline of Pakistan‘s economy contributing 90 percent of total agricultural output (over 21 percent in GDP). Over 70 percent cropped area of Indus food machine is situated in Punjab producing about 80 percent cotton, 70 percent wheat, about 60 percent sugarcane and 50 percent rice out of total production of these crops in Pakistan. Availability of water for agriculture sector is becoming a challenge. 
Source: pakobserver.net